Upper Midwest A-C Club Board Members:


President Randy Larson




Vice President Bob Paulson


Secretary Aaron Barneson

Treasurer  Larry Karg

Director Joe Graunke

Director Lynn Bushard

Director Matt Wosmek

Director Terry Nowak


Director Tom Foss



Here is the Lawn and Garden line-up from this year's Orange Spectacular...

January 26th - New added pictures to the website...scroll down on this page. Check out the new added videos on the "2014 Show Videos"    Enjoy!

Janaury 25th - Our club has lost a good friend. Our 
thoughts and prayers goes to the Christa Maddux family from the Upper Midwest A-C Club. She was such a great lady. She always had a smile on her face.

◦"There's magic in a Mother's touch, and sunshine in her smile. There's love in everything she does to make our lives worthwhile. We can find both hope and courage just by looking in her eyes. Her laughter is a source of joy, her works are warm and wise. There is a kindness and compassion to be found in her embrace and we see the light of heaven shining from a Mother's face."   Author Unknown

January 25th - Larry has sent me pictures of the TL-W Tractomotive, this year's show toy.

If you have not ordered one already, and would like to acquire this unique model for 2015, please complete one the application, found on the website at the left side titled "2015 Show Toy Order form" or click on the link. http://www.orangespectacular.com/2105orderform.html  The Upper Midwest A-C Club appreciates your support of our club!

January 20 - Ladies....we have a quilt contest coming up! We will be featuring AND displaying the competing quilts at the 2016 (our 25th Anniversary) Orange Spectacular show. Intersted in making a quilt and being part of this exciting event? Please see the details on the side menu and click on the like "2016 Quilt Show and Rules". It is just not quilts...there are OTHER CATEGORIES, too!!!! Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janaury 15 - Our club member, Luke Olson of Olson Tractor www.olsontractor.com has started a one-of-a-kind business. Luke has added "Pedal Tractor Restorations" to his present farm tractor restoration and repair business. Check out the Olson Tractor website and see what projects Luke has already completed.

January 9 - I received an email from one of our members, Mike Resner. The following is Mike's exact email:
i am in Rochester Minnesota at the hospital ok. and do not no how long i be here ok. room 6-147 ok. can not take calls in my room ok. my email mike.resner@yahoo.com and facebook me here as will or my mail address is 1229a franklin circle mankato mn 56001. Please drop Mike a line to let him know you are thinking of him or on his Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/mike.resner.3?fref=nf

January 1st...2015 - Happy New Year to all of our friends and families! As I look at the calendar.....2016 has become closer to becoming reality....July 2016 is the Orange Specatacular's 25th Anniversary....Your board of directors wants to make this 25th show to be a real milestone!!!!  Can you help with making the 25th a huge success? Let me know if you could help take on a couple of activities/ideas for coordination?  We are looking for an Anniversary Committee to come to together, come up with ideas, designate respondsibilites to other assistants, etc...  Communication with this committee can be done with email and phone calls....I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to assist the Anniversary Committee in any guidance....we are only a 1 1/2 years away....

October 26 - I have still have a survey looking for you input. Please take a moment to help us plan the future. Click on the link and add your opinion. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KHDMYSQ