Upper Midwest A-C Club Board Members:


President Darrell Grams, Sr.


Vice President Joe Graunke


Secretary Terry Nowak


Treasurer Matt Wosmek


Board Member 

Board Member Aaron Barneson


Board Member Lynn Bushard


Board Member Craig Buss



Board Member Tom Foss


Board Member Randy Larson 




Interested in buying a "C" ?  I tried posting this on our classified, but I had an issue with posting the pictures, so I resorted to this method.


If interested in this tractor, please contact Duane at (507) 723-8826


April 10 - ATTENTION, please check out this link   http://orangespectacular.com/AnniversaryBBQ.html   Please, check out the 25th Anniversary Celebration BBQ registration form is on the left side of this web page....OR click on the above link....to get the information of the BBQ. You can print the form and send it to the address on the bottom of the form. Feel free to call one of the phone numbers on the bottom of the form/page. All reservations are needed to be in by July 1st. Send your reservation in NOW!!!


April 10 - The Upper Midwest A-C Club membership met yesterday for their annual meeting. The club's Board of Directors and Board Membership saw a change. President - Darrell Grams, Sr., Vice-President - Joe Graunke, and Board Member - Craig Buss

April 10 - It was stressed yesterday to our membership...we need your assistance on Wednesday and/or Thursday for set-up. (I am trying to have the show grounds all set up by Thursday noon).....the more hands, the less hours a couple of people have to do for long daily hours of set-up.         Please think about giving just two (2) hours of your time.

       **Areas needing assistance - We are trying to locate some volunteers which would help register tractors, hand out our participant plaques and personal transportation units. The volunteers could split some shifts to sit at the south entrance of the show grounds during the show to register tractors and guest's golf carts as they arrive on Thursday afternoon, Friday and at least half of Saturday. We are all willing to "show you the ropes" to fulfill the job we are asking you to help with. rlarson@orangespectacular.com or at (715) 723-1908 to help fill the open schedule.

 **Can someone help our Children's Activity Coordinator, Rita, to conduct a scavenger hunt, please? Please contact Rita for your assistance  ritaeverhart@hotmail.com or (612) 618-8593 

                                    Please think about giving just two (2) hours of your time

Help is also needed at:

         Selling Raffle tickets and Merchandise - Contact Rhonda at rlarson1908@charter.net

     People Mover drivers - Contact Terry Nowak at tnowak@orangespectacular.com (763) 744-8833

     Golf Cart Rentals and Returns Contact Terry Nowak at tnowak@orangespectacular.com (763) 744-8833

                                     Please think about giving just two (2) hours of your time


March 20 - Have you ever seen such an offer?

I wish I could say the Upper Midwest A-C Club was selling this clock as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Orange Spectacular.  The Bradford Exchange is responsible for this offer and is the company which is taking the orders. This offer has no relationship or financial gain to the Upper Midwest A-C Club or the Orange Spectacular.


April 10 - WHAT IS THE Scholarship Sponsor Garden Tractor?? Click on this link and check it out....http://orangespectacular.com/sponsorgardentractor.html

 Do you want your name on this lawn tractor shown below, after the restoration? Buy a ticket as shown below. You can give donations in $5.00 increments for sponsorship.  Any questions, please call Ken Holz at (651) 437-8786. We appreciate your support!

Help sponsor the Upper Midwest A-C Club's Scholarship


April 10 - QUILTERS!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???? There is going to be quite a quilt show this year at the show.....besides the contest/raffle, there are speakers/seminars, MANY door prizes/raffle (buy your tickets at the Quilt Show area) and demonstrations!!!! Many quilts will be on display!!!! The 2016 Quilt Show and Rules can be found on the left side of this page or click on this link  http://orangespectacular.com/quiltshowandrules.html   and view the rules....prizes, seminars, and list of activities. Questions??? Check out the page for the contact information http://orangespectacular.com/quiltshowandrules.html


April 10 - Ladies!!!! (and Guys-PLEASE share this information with your other half) There are a LOT of special plans for the quilt show this year! Keep an eye on the side of this page (2016 Quilt Show and Rules). As new information and exciting training sessions, many unique ideas, vendors and many display...WITH the Quilt Show and raffle! Click on the link to see more information about the show and raffle...WATCH FOR NEW UPDATES http://www.orangespectacular.com/quiltshowandrules.html

Best get started on your quilts for the contest!!!

April 10 - Where are they?? As the Upper Midwest A-C Club prepares to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Orange Spectacular, we are looking at special events (we need your ideas too). So to help celebrate this milestone, the club would like to find the winners of OR the present owner of our past raffle tractors. It will be quite a feat, but have as many if not all, of the past raffle tractors on the showgrounds on the 4th weekend of July 2016. We need your help....do you know the following winners or do you know where the following winners/tractors are?
Show of 1994 - “B” raffle tractor was won by Bill Becker, Foristell, Missouri

Show of 1995 - 1944 “C” Allis-Chalmers - Ted Nichols, Elk River, MN.

Show of 1996 - CA Allis, Anton Peltzer, Ramsey, MN

Show of 1999 - D- 12 – Glenn Sider, Canada

Show of 2000 - 1959 D-10 - Nancy Dobratz - Watertown, MN

Show of 2003 - WD 45 Diesel Tractor, Philip Lewis – Louisville, IL

Show of 2005 - AC D-17, Duane Campbell, Currie, MN

Show of 2007 - AC 1952 IB, Has been sold to Chuck Smith, Oelwien, IA

Show of 2009 - AC 1962 D-10 Series II, Douglas Anderson, Finland,MN

Show of 2010 - Series II, D-15, Brandon Bursack - Canby, MN

If you know any of the above posted winners OR where the past raffle tractors are...PLEASE, contact me as soon possible, so we can plan to coordinate to have these tractors on the grounds for display in 2016. Contact me by phone at (715) 723-1908 or at  rlarson@orangespectacular.com  . As for winners not posted, I have their contact information available. I plan to personally invite them to attend our 2016 show and bring their prized possessions, including the raffle tractor of that year. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance!

April 10- ATTENTION QUILTERS....If you or anyone is interested in participating in the 2016 Orange Spectacular Quilt Show...check out our page and plan to compete in the 1st annual quilt show during the 2016 Orange Spectacular....Our 25th Orange Spectacular Show. Click the link and check out all of the details!!!!   http://www.orangespectacular.com/quiltshowandrules.html

Ladies....we have a quilt contest coming up! We will be featuring AND displaying the competing quilts at the 2016 (our 25th Anniversary) Orange Spectacular show. Intersted in making a quilt and being part of this exciting event? Please see the details on the side menu and click on the like "2016 Quilt Show and Rules". It is just not quilts...there are OTHER CATEGORIES, too!!!! Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!