Upper Midwest A-C Club Board Members:


President Randy Larson

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Vice President Bob Paulson


Secretary Aaron Barneson



July 22 - Are planning to attending the 23rd Orange Spectacular? Fuel is reasonable here! Gas - $3.259 per gallon and diesel is $3.659. Thank goodness the fuel prices are better than expected.

Just a reminder...admission is free... Bring a picnic lunch or buy some of the variety of foods we have here on the grounds. Bring your camera, family and your want list from new parts vendors or swap meet vendors...we have a huge swap meet and many children/teen activities.

July 15 - It has been awhile since our club has had some new and unique merchandise. Rhonda has been eagerly looking for new items...and she has found some!

A cutting board                  9x13 cake pan with cover either diamond or triangle                       magnetic clip              cooler

We also have bottle zip-up koozies, too. I am unable to download the picture.

Be ready to take some nice club merchandise home with you. The cutting boards and cake pan(s) are limited numbers at the show. If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda at (715) 723-1908. 

July 13 - Look at here what Ken and Jason Holz (Outdoor Products Coordinators) has been up to fabricating again. Their talents are endless

Jason tells me Gannon HAD made these for all brands of garden tractors and the company would attach the appropriate hitch to the brand of tractor the box blade was to fit. (Gannon is in business today, but make only 5' and 6' foot back blades) The box blade was manufactured back in the mid 60's and into the early '70's for the B110s and B112s.

These units are rare to find, but Ken and Jason know a person who had recently purchased an original one, got the measurements and exact dimensions of the box blades and have now produced seven (7) some themselves!

The yellow ones are 36" and others are 42". Contact  Ken Holz at ken.holz@baileynursery.com (651) 437-8786 for more information or to have one delivered for you at the show! NICE JOB to the Holz family for such great talent!

July 6th - Just a reminder to our AllisChalmers.com forum members. Come and meet the friends you chat with on the forum by attending the "forum meet and greet". Daily, during the Orange Spectacular, at 11:00 a.m. the Allis Chalmers.com forum members will have a meet and greet at the East end of Indoor Tractor Display building. There will be an area set-up with chairs for members (and non-members) to chat with each other. Do you want to find out more about this forum? Questions about the forum? You have questions about Allis-Chalmers and you want to talk with the experts of this site. Check-in at the meet and greet area by picking up a blank nametag, writing your name and handle (forum name) on it, and meet your friends.

July 6th - We need help with: (Is there an age limit??? .....No, what a great way to continue our future of the Orange Spectaculars and the Upper Midwest A-C Club, than to allow our younger/middle aged/older guests to be come involved in some responsibilities. These jobs are not difficult and time consuming...maybe just an hour or so OR a few minutes they/you can give us during the show.

We would appreciate more involvement with members and non-members to help us out. It would be comforting to see some new faces becoming involved....please think about sharing your talents with us. Your participation helps: with making this show and club bigger and better,  takes some small responsibilities from others so they can focus on other issues, and helps build a base for our future existence.)

Ok, so we need assistance at:

Club tickets sales on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during various hours. Please call Rhonda at (715) 723-1908 for a list of open hours. Your help is much appreciated.


We need help with: Children Activities Barrel Train drivers...using a hydro-static Allis-Chalmers lawn tractor. Please call Rita Everhart (612) 618-8593 for a list of needed days and times.


Is there anyone willing to help out Rich Martin with the Toy and Craft vendor area? He is looking for help to see how the layout and operation works....as he needs a back-up in case he would not be able to do it, someone would be able to pick-up where Rich left off....can you help???? If so, let Rich Martin know at rmartin@orangespectacular.com (320) 587-6331...please consider this important position....

Scholarship Fund News: Let's not forget to help support the future of high school graduates pursuing agriculture vocations. We are still acquiring funds so we can eventually in the year or so, to have a "nest egg" large enough to eventually have the scholarship fund support itself. UNTIL then, Ken and Jason Holz will be restoring a pedal tractor for the club's scholarship fund DURING THE ORANGE SPECTACULAR AT THE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS BUILDING. The 190 bar grill pedal tractor will be auctioned off during the Saturday night tractor pull. We need your support...Plan to bid on this pedal tractor. The Scholarship Fund projects has been well promoted by Jason Holz. Last year, Jason donated a garden tractor project has been a

Members of the Upper Midwest A-C Club…the 50' x 120' pole shed is done:

Larry Karg has been working with his equipment from his collection to do the finishing gravel working inside the new machine.

The floor will be gravel. Under the gravel will be silo bunker plastic, next to the dirt, to create a moisture barrier, lay down about $1500.00 worth Thanks again, Bob and Larry for your time to attend meetings with the county and prove our club's desires!!!! Thanks for all of your support for our club members and guest who have purchased raffle tickets and boaught show toys in the past years to give our club the ability to build such a building for the storage of equipment for future Orange Spectaculars.

The machine shed is located in the NW corner of the show grounds (north or above the large parking lot) seen in the satellite view seen above. The shed is found between the trees north of the large parking lot. I have tried to make an "X" on the screen shot, but I was unable to save the marking. You will see it as you park in the large lot.

This shed is to be used for anyone who wishes to store their personal items, used for Orange Spectacular displays and demonstrations. All equipment stored in this machine shed will be Allis-Chalmers,in operating condition, paying 50 cents per square foot (for example - board member Matt Wosmek has calculated the cost of an All-Crop combine - Model 60, would cost eighty-four ($84.00) dollars per year.) The storage fees will be due at the time you park your tractor(s)/equipment in the machine shed. Interested in storing something? Contact Matt for costs at mwosmek@orangespectacular.com  or (320) 420-2752.

The intentions are more people will store equipment/tractor(s) at the machine shed, avoiding transportation issues as people plan to display their special items at future Orange Spectaculars.