Upper Midwest A-C Club Board Members:


President Darrell Grams, Sr.


Vice President Joe Graunke


Secretary Terry Nowak


Treasurer Matt Wosmek


Board Member 

Board Member Aaron Barneson


Board Member Lynn Bushard


Board Member Craig Buss



Board Member Tom Foss


Board Member Randy Larson 



January 31 - Look what is back in production!  Price $12,750.00



January 29 - A-C itself officially turned out the lights and locked the gates to the West Allis plant on January 29, 1989 - closing out a very long and storied chapter in American industrial history.

January 25 - A message from Darrell Grams, Sr. from an email.... 
My name is Randy Alexa, and I work for TractorJoe. I wanted to reach out and introduce myself - I loved your photo section on the website, a lot of action is present in those images.
            At TractorJoe, we have an extensive product catalog with over 100,000 parts for more than 17 tractor brands and a dedicated customer service team with decades of tractor repair experience. We are working on a section that offers free manuals, and we host a knowledge sharing community at TractorJoe.com/Ask where members can share their knowledge and help each other. 
             We'd love to offer your members a $15 credit to TractorJoe using the code orangespectacular15  if you would consider adding our website https://www.tractorjoe.com/ as an additional resource to your club website.  
    Look forward to hearing back from you.
 Randy from TractorJoe.com

January 17 - The Upper Midwest A-C Club has the DVD produced at the 25th Orange Spectacular in July of this year.  

This DVD is now available! 25th Annual Orange Spectacular has hit the shelves and ready to ship!

This all Orange Power show was shot at the 25th Annual Orange Spectacular extravaganza in Hutchinson MN a few short months ago and its ready for your viewing.  Presented by the Upper Midwest A-C Club and held on the McLeod County Fairgrounds, we showcase classic farm machinery from garden tractors to the D21 and more. Relive the sights and sounds of this fantastic event, including the dyno test and interviews with owners and attendees. A must-have for any A-C collectors library.  75 minutes

The DVD is $28.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Please make out your check to the Upper Midwest AC Club with the correct amount. Send your check to Darrell Grams, 34420 State Hwy 25, Green Isle MN 55338.

Please allow a seven (7) to ten (10) days for delivery, they will be shipped in an approve USPS mailer.

January 17 - January 14, the board of directors met at the Rogers' Community Library of Rogers, MN. A brief summary of the business which was covered:

* Up for re-election….. Board Member – Tom Foss and Board Member – Matt Wosmek will be seeking re-election.

 Board Member Aaron Barneson and Board Member Joe Graunkehave decided to not seek re-election. If you are interested in running for one of the two available board seats, please contact President Darrell Grams, Sr. and then send me your biography (rlarson@orangespectacular.com) so I can post it here so members can "get to know" you.

* Vincent Tims will be demonstrating the adjustment of the front axle of a D series tractor during the 2017 Orange Spectacular seminar demonstrations.

 * We are looking for stories to be printed in the 2017 Orange Spectacular Show Guide. PLEASE, take a few minutes and let us know about your collection, your talents, something which you find interesting. We are not asking for a page long story. Just a paragraph or two is sufficient.

* It was reported, Rich Martin - Chairman of the Toy Committee, has reported a D 14 with a chassis mounted cultivator. It will be a die cast unit...NOT resin. Many requests have been heard about the resin issues and we are going to try the die cast units. I will be passing on ideas of future models, as listed on our forum and other requests I have received. We need your voices to be heard. We need your input, you are what makes the Upper Midwest A-C Club and the future of the Orange Spectacular.

* Next membership meeting...NEW LOCATION!!!  April 8, 2017 – Historical Society-Museum (380 School Rd NW, Hutchinson, MN). Lunch at 12 Noon...Meeting at 1:00 p.m.  

January 8, 2017 - We hope everyone had safe travels along with a great and rememberable Christmas with your family and friends.

It's been cold, then warm, then cold out, and it's to get warmer this coming week, but look at it as the Orange Spectacular will be here before you know it....the days are getting longer...summer is coming!!!

Our annual spring meeting will be coming up in April. Let's start thinking about participating and becoming more part of the Upper Midwest A-C Club. You can become an important part of the decision making process by becoming a board member. Our present directors are willing to continue another three (3) years of service.

Spring of 2017 – Up for re-election….. Board member - Joe Graunke, 

                                                             Board member – Tom Foss

                                                           Board member – Matt Wosmek

There will be a board position opening as Aaron Barneson has decided to not seek re-election. If you are interested, please contact President Darrell Grams, Sr. and then send me your biography (rlarson@orangespectacular.com) so I can post it here so members can "get to know" you.

December 11 - No news to report

December 6 - A sad in history today.....Allis Chalmers closes the doors - December 6, 1985......

November 20 - Of the 25 DVD'S the club received 9 were given to board members, 8 were sold at the banquet, and 8 remain for sale.  A list was started for anyone to order them and a list will keep the list until we get a number of them to order. The CD's are available for $22.00 and call Darrell Grams at (612) 280-3397 or email at dgrams@frontiernet.net.

Sept. 11 - I got this emailed to me...I have an Allis Chalmers Model 66 All-Crop Harvester.  We have used it the last 6 years or so to harvest our small grain crops of a few acres.  This machine works and runs well.   We are moving out of the country and cannot take this with us.  I need to sell this machine and it would be a travesty if some scrap iron guy purchased this as scrap.  I am hoping that I can find a good home for this.  I would consider any reasonable offer.

If you are able to spread the word to find a good buyer and home, it would be greatly appreciated.   Anyone interested can email or call me at home (leave message).  I am located near Glenwood MN.

Thank you.

Richard Olsen   320/634-4750