Craig Buss

102 E Baker Street

Arlington, MN 55307


Vice President

Joe Graunke

738 11/2 Street

Clayton, WI 54004



Terry Nowak

10205 201st Ave NW

Elk River, MN 55381



Darrell Grams, Sr.

34420 State Hwy 25

Green Isle, MN 55338


Other Board Members

Randy Larson

4573 110th Street

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729


Lynn Bushard

10458 Moe Hall Rd NW

Garfield, MN 56332


Tom Foss

7229 153rd Lane NW

Ramsey, MN 55303


Joan Paulson

22202 Lace Ave.

Silver Lake, MN 55381


Scott Overgaard

5065 Eastwood Rd

Mounds View, MN 55112


Board of Directors Meetings

Next Board Meeting April 14th, 2018 


Historical Society Museum



Call to order

                 Randy L., Terry N., Joan P., Scott O., Lynn B., Darrell G., Joe G., Tom F., Craig B.

Approval of January minutes

Treasurer Report

Membership report

Open to floor- add to new business, if needed

Old business

                Bi laws


                2018 show toy

                2018-2019 merchandise

                Member question of articles written

                                Interaction with Nancy about articles

                616 silent auction

New business

                2018 show

                Board nominees

                Nancy wants to retire with newsletter in 15 months

                Show guide

Next board meeting date (not meeting after election)

Adjourn meeting. 

Upper Midwest A-C Directors Meeting

Maple Grove Library Rm 133

January 13th, 2018       9:09 am


  • Roll call Directors.   Joe G-Present, Randy L-Present, Terry N-Present, Darrell G Sr-Present, Scott O-Present, Joan P-Not Present/Excused, Tom F-Present, Lynn B-Present, Craig B-Present
  • Approval of Minutes, Nov. 11th 2017.  Randy makes a motion to approve them as written.  Craig B approved.   Motion carried.
  • Treasurer Report.  Lynn makes a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report as reported.  Scott approved.   Motion carried.
    • $118646 is in checking (as of Jan 11, 2018 6:08 pm)
    • $9522.44 is in the scholarship fund (as of Jan 11, 2018 6:08 pm)
    • Darrell Sr stated that the building will remain on our books deducted at a rate of $3K per year (will make the $3K deduction)
    • Audit may start on Mon Jan 15th or may have to wait until after Apr 15th
  •  Membership Report.    Joe made a motion to approve the membership.   Darrel G seconded.  Motion carried.
    • 383 paid members as of Dec 31, 2017.   She thinks we may drop off a bit in the Jan 20th timeframe (2017 paid up finally expires).
    • Approx. 60 memberships are expired as of Dec 31, 2017.
    • Arlene wants to put an article in the newsletter to advertise that membership renewal (target to get to Nancy by Feb 1st).
  • Visiting Board Members topics
  • Old Business
  • Website.   2018 Toy form is on the website.   Terry asked that the 2018 golf cart rental agreement get put out there->Craig will follow up on this.  Craig will look to put obits on the website or on the newsletter.
  • Newsletter.   A member expressed concern about some service memos and rare pictures that were sent and just (1) article got written.  Craig B stated he would follow up with Nancy S about a more robust way to make sure stuff got published.    Articles for next newsletter->1 per board member due Feb 1st, 2018.  
  • Tractor Registration.   No update.
  • Board meeting agenda.   This topic was covered and improvements have been implemented into today’s meeting minutes.
  • 2018 Merchandise.   Scott shared that not a lot of shirts are left to sell.  Scott/Jessica may take on the qty’s of each to buy.   Joe discussed possibly using a D21 on the shirt for this year’s show vs the featured tractor.   Discussion also talked about a youth version.   Consensus was to make a D21 shirt in gray for youth and gray and orange for adults (Randy showed a Big Orange logo) w/Orange Spec text & without a date and a D15 with the 2018 Orange Spec show dates.   Two color shirts will be pursued (orange and gray) for the D15.   Buttons will be pursued in a qty less than 500.   Metal plaques will need to be ordered (50 for Bob P & tractor pull) and then (300) magnetic ones.   The plan is to target to have the Merchandising purchase activity completely in Scott/Jessica’s court in 2019.    Scott will send Joe qty information from the spreadsheet he has established.



  • 2018 Advertising.
    • Joe reports that we are on the Unofficial Allis website.
    • Antique Power ad is taken care as is Toy Farmer.
    • The show poster contact names are all the same.   Joe is working on this further with Nancy (target to be done by Jan 27th)
    • Land Magazine.   Joe will pursue.
    • Farm News.  Joe will pursue.
    • Old Iron.   Joe will pursue.
    • Farmers Hotline.  Joe will pursue.
    • Agri-news.   Due Apr.   Joe will pursue.
    • Old Allis News.   Will be worked closer to the show.
    • Explore MN Website.   Arlene will take care of this once the poster is available.
    • McLeod Cty Fairground.    4’ x 4’ sign near the tent has been provided during the county fair.
    • Radio Advertising.   Joe will pursue.
    • Music in the Park.   This won’t be pursued for 2018.
    • Wisconsin State Farmer.   Due in Feb.   Joe will pursue.
    • Country Today.   Joe will check into this.
    • Show Guide.
      • The activities need to be in to her by May 15th.
      • Scott is wanting to have each day laid out with all its events instead of spread out in repetitive and day only events.
      • Scott will be our single point contact on feeding info to Connie.
      • Target same qty as last year.
    • Advertising field demos.   Board is looking for more creative way to get this message out.
  • Baler Toy.   Toy sales are robust (cost of tooling is approx. covered).   First payment of $8069 has been made to SpecCast.   Next payment will be made when the mold is done (~$16K).
  • 2018 Raffle Tractor.   Darrel still plans to do this buffing and cleaning.
  • Golf Carts.  
    • Terry will pursue the same qty of rental carts as last year.
    • Board Member/Helper carts
      • YARD: (1) Brent/Carol and (1) Darrell Grams.  Both of these are box units.
      • CAMPING: (2) 1 box and 1 (2) seater for Camping
      • SWAP MEET->Skid Steers:   Doug Stade will make arrangements for (1) unit.   Craig B will work to get a 2nd one from Lano’s Equipment.
      • SHED UNLOAD->Gary’s JCB will be used for this.
  • People Movers.     
    • Terry will get the “rental” People Movers to the site and back.
    • Darrell will take on the role of getting tractors to pull them and staffing drivers.  Terry will send him the roster that was used in 2017.
  • Tractor Registering.
    • Darrell plans to use the same tags as last year.   We, as board members, need to make sure people are complying with the requirement to be registered.   It was suggested to give out a $50 gas card to reward both the tractors and golf carts that have been registered.   Board will discuss this at the next meeting.

New Business

  • Review By-laws.   Discussion has started.   More work is needed….board members are to work on this at home and have comments done by Feb 15th.
  • Lifetime Members.   This needs to be defined/worked.
  • Spring meeting.   One site that has mentioned is Luke Olson’s place in Elmwood, WI.    Precedent has been around the Hutchinson area with the business aspect of the club (April).      The thought is that we need to do the 2018 Spring meeting in Hutchinson area due to the topics to be covered (By Laws/election of members).    April 14th is the target date for the meeting.   Cost at the museum was approx. $170 vs $75 for the fairgrounds.    The board decided to use the museum and Darrell will make these arrangements.   Target to start the membership meeting at 1 pm.   Lunch is at noon and Craig will contact Joan P to see if she wants to prepare the food.  Target to start the board meeting at 9 am.   Note there is a follow-up board meeting once the new officers have been elected.
  • Nominating Committee/(3) board members are up for election.   Future bylaws state we will have a nominating committee but we will not use this time around.
    • Board Members up for election:   Terry Nowak (not running), Randy Larson (not running), Craig Buss
    • Any ballets with less than 3 votes will not be thrown out.  We will use no pre-printed ballots.
  • Storage.   Gary is looking for more storage space and the next step is to figure out where we put it.   Craig has asked Randy Starkey to call Gary Agrimson.   Potential loading dock area is being discussed or adding to the one that is there (not good going east).  It would potentially be paid for my Gary Agrimson but owned by the county just like the building the club built and transferred ownership over to the county.
  • Accident reports.    Bob is working on this (getting fairground incident report form).
  • Safety Team ideas.    Joe reports the safety ribbons will be ordered (qty of 500).   Must be worn/trained to be on a tractor.   No riders this year.
  • 616 Silent Auction.   Tom F will send a better picture of this machine to Craig Buss so it can be on the website.
  • Donation of an Allis 60 combine by Walter Vust (paperwork).   Darrell has the form but needs the info.
  • Mailbox.   Darrell wants to use the mailbox right at the fairgrounds.   The address would be:   820 Century Avenue SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350.     Recommendation of having a lock mailbox.  Lynn makes a motion to have this as the club have the address listed as our 501C3/legal address. Darrell seconds. Motion passes.
  • 2018 Show Voices of our Guests.   Voice is to slow down the operation and potentially complete the baling before disking, etc.
    • Dogs.   Not allowed on the fairgrounds unless they are service dogs.  Get message in the newsletter, banquets, signage, at the events.
    • People riding on tractors-Parade or Ride around Town.   Not allowed.  Get message in the newsletter, banquets, signage, at the events.
    • Enough dumpsters/garbage cans
  • Assistance to help restore the Speed Ace.   A Wisconsin organization asked for money to help restore a Speed Ace was discussed.   The decision was to not offer money to help in the restoration of the Speed Ace.  We want to encourage them to bring the Speed Ace to our show.
  • Larry Karg debt to the club due to pursuing Orange Spectacular name.    Craig updated us on the potential of Larry helping with a donation of $8k offsetting the legal fees.  Craig reports Larry will only donate if Randy Larson pays $4K.  This is unrealistic solution for us so no outcome.

Agenda items for next meeting.

Adjourn meeting.     Darrell makes a motion to close the meeting. Randy seconds. Motion passes

Upper Midwest A-C Club Directors Meeting

AmericInn Hotel Meeting Room

November 11, 2017

Call to order at:  1:07 pm

Roll call:   Darrell Grams, Sr, Terry Nowak, Tom Foss, Scott Overgard, Craig Buss, Lynn Bushard, Randy Larson, Joan Paulson all present.   Joe Graunke-Not present.   Bob Paulson-Doug Stader-Guests present

  • Agenda.    Randy made a motion to move the approval of the previous meeting minutes to the beginning of the agenda.  Terry seconds.   Motion passes.
  • Secretary’s Report
    • Randy made a motion to accept the Sept 16th minutes as typed.  Craig seconded.   Motion carries.
  • Treasurer Report
    • Balance in checkbook is $76194 as of Oct 31st, 2017.   Scholarship fund has $9522.   Note that one check has already been issued to SpecCast for the toy for 2018.   Darrell reported that we have ~(36) 2017 tractors left to sell.   Board decided to keep these and either sell or give away at future events.  Darrell Sr. will take the building off our asset list.      Tom makes a motion to approve the Treasurer Report as stated.    Craig seconded the motion.   Motion passes.
  • Committee Reports
  • Membership.   Arlene reports 65 memberships are in arrears at the moment.   Current members in good standing are 376.   Arlene is trying to put together an archives of the past newsletters.   Arlene reports there is interest from some members to get a calendar going.   Arlene wanted it noted that she has put $200 of her own seed money to allow for change making for memberships.   Darrell will give $200 of the club’s money to Arlene for this purpose (send her a check).
  • 2018 Toy committee.    Initial check has been sent for $8060 to the toy builder.
  • 2018 Field demos.
    • Winter Wheat.   It looks great.  Craig reports fertilized and pre-emerge will be done in the spring.    Kill off will be done by the same outfit (CO-OP) in trade for advertising.
    • Special Draw/Interest.   If there is an opportunity, we should advertise the fact that it is there (H6 Crawler plowing, 220 FWA plowing, etc.).
    • Incident Report forms.  Bob will bring the fair board form to the next meeting.
  • Editor for the newsletter/articles needed.  Nancy wants articles from the board members 1x per newsletter.  Each board member needs to do this.
  • Show Guide.   Ask of Connie is that she has the info by the Spring Meeting.   Some requests are coming in stating that we should list the Women’s and Children’s in a separate list.
  • 2018 Merchandise.   Thought to get more pens/pencils to give away.   Joe was to get shirts for 2018 going.
  • 2018 Raffle Tractor.    Darrell is offering to get this year’s tractor and buff it to see it shines it up.   
  • Safety Plan for tractor drivers.   Charlie will lead this in 2018…plan is to use ribbons indicate that they have been trained.
  • Ladies activities.
  • Lawn and garden.
  • Swap meet.
  • Quilt ladies.
  • Advertising in 2018.   Joe was to have taken care of this.
  • Parking in 2018.   Craig is looking for another group to do this activity.   Gaylord Boy Scouts will do this activity in 2018.
  • By-law committee.    This topic still needs work.    Lynn (Arlene) is offering to put the notes together.
  • Old Business
  • 2017 Show Recap.
    • Swap Meet Area.  Doug Stade reported he will get a skid-steer donation himself for 2018.   Doug would like a ‘thank you” to Larry at A&C for usage in 2017…Craig B will send this out.
    • Field Demo-Swampy area.   This has now been fixed.
    • Issues
      • Dogs.   Not allowed on the fairgrounds unless they are service dogs.  Get message in the newsletter, banquets, signage, at the events.
      • People riding on tractors-Parade or Ride around Town.   Not allowed.  Get message in the newsletter, banquets, signage, at the events.
  • Another Building.   Board discussed ground for another building…sounds like no movement by the McLeod County to buy any additional ground around the current fairgrounds.   Short discussion on whether to not charge in the future for storage.   This is tabled to another meeting.
  • New Business
  • Website.   Craig is tuning some additional things on the website.
  • Agenda & meeting times posted ahead of time.  Thought is by law we are not forced to post either of these ahead of time but probably remains still a good practice.
  • Adjournment of business/ board meeting         
  • Next meeting targeted for Sat Jan 13th at a Caterpillar Brooklyn Parkà9 am.   (TJN will have to get approval)
  • Darrell makes a motion to adjourn.   Tom seconded it.   Motion carried.