Board of Directors Meetings


Upper Midwest A-C Club Directors Meeting

AmericInn Hotel Meeting Room

November 11, 2017

Call to order at:  1:07 pm

Roll call:   Darrell Grams, Sr, Terry Nowak, Tom Foss, Scott Overgard, Craig Buss, Lynn Bushard, Randy Larson, Joan Paulson all present.   Joe Graunke-Not present.   Bob Paulson-Doug Stader-Guests present

  • Agenda.    Randy made a motion to move the approval of the previous meeting minutes to the beginning of the agenda.  Terry seconds.   Motion passes.
  • Secretary’s Report
    • Randy made a motion to accept the Sept 16th minutes as typed.  Craig seconded.   Motion carries.
  • Treasurer Report
    • Balance in checkbook is $76194 as of Oct 31st, 2017.   Scholarship fund has $9522.   Note that one check has already been issued to SpecCast for the toy for 2018.   Darrell reported that we have ~(36) 2017 tractors left to sell.   Board decided to keep these and either sell or give away at future events.  Darrell Sr. will take the building off our asset list.      Tom makes a motion to approve the Treasurer Report as stated.    Craig seconded the motion.   Motion passes.
  • Committee Reports
  • Membership.   Arlene reports 65 memberships are in arrears at the moment.   Current members in good standing are 376.   Arlene is trying to put together an archives of the past newsletters.   Arlene reports there is interest from some members to get a calendar going.   Arlene wanted it noted that she has put $200 of her own seed money to allow for change making for memberships.   Darrell will give $200 of the club’s money to Arlene for this purpose (send her a check).
  • 2018 Toy committee.    Initial check has been sent for $8060 to the toy builder.
  • 2018 Field demos.   
    • Winter Wheat.   It looks great.  Craig reports fertilized and pre-emerge will be done in the spring.    Kill off will be done by the same outfit (CO-OP) in trade for advertising. 
    • Special Draw/Interest.   If there is an opportunity, we should advertise the fact that it is there (H6 Crawler plowing, 220 FWA plowing, etc.).
    • Incident Report forms.  Bob will bring the fair board form to the next meeting.
  • Editor for the newsletter/articles needed.  Nancy wants articles from the board members 1x per newsletter.  Each board member needs to do this.   
  • Show Guide.   Ask of Connie is that she has the info by the Spring Meeting.   Some requests are coming in stating that we should list the Women’s and Children’s in a separate list. 
  • 2018 Merchandise.   Thought to get more pens/pencils to give away.   Joe was to get shirts for 2018 going.
  • 2018 Raffle Tractor.    Darrell is offering to get this year’s tractor and buff it to see it shines it up.   
  • Safety Plan for tractor drivers.   Charlie will lead this in 2018…plan is to use ribbons indicate that they have been trained.
  • Ladies activities.   
  • Lawn and garden.   
  • Swap meet.   
  • Quilt ladies.   
  • Advertising in 2018.   Joe was to have taken care of this.
  • Parking in 2018.   Craig is looking for another group to do this activity.   Gaylord Boy Scouts will do this activity in 2018.
  • By-law committee.    This topic still needs work.    Lynn (Arlene) is offering to put the notes together.
  • Old Business
  • 2017 Show Recap.  
    • Swap Meet Area.  Doug Stade reported he will get a skid-steer donation himself for 2018.   Doug would like a ‘thank you” to Larry at A&C for usage in 2017…Craig B will send this out.
    • Field Demo-Swampy area.   This has now been fixed. 
    • Issues
      • Dogs.   Not allowed on the fairgrounds unless they are service dogs.  Get message in the newsletter, banquets, signage, at the events.  
      • People riding on tractors-Parade or Ride around Town.   Not allowed.  Get message in the newsletter, banquets, signage, at the events.  
  • Another Building.   Board discussed ground for another building…sounds like no movement by the McLeod County to buy any additional ground around the current fairgrounds.   Short discussion on whether to not charge in the future for storage.   This is tabled to another meeting.
  • New Business
  • Website.   Craig is tuning some additional things on the website.
  • Agenda & meeting times posted ahead of time.  Thought is by law we are not forced to post either of these ahead of time but probably remains still a good practice.
  • Adjournment of business/ board meeting            
  • Next meeting targeted for Sat Jan 13th at a Caterpillar Brooklyn Parkà9 am.   (TJN will have to get approval)
  • Darrell makes a motion to adjourn.   Tom seconded it.   Motion carried.