Fall Membership Banquet

Upper Midwest Membership Meeting/Fall Banquet


VFW Hutchinson, MN


  • Call to order at 7:15 pm
  • Roll call Directors:   Joe G-Absent, Randy L-Absent        Terry N, Darrell G, Scott O, Joan P, Tom F, Lynn B and Craig B all were present
  • Approve Spring Minutes.   Xxx made a motion to accept.  Xxx approved.  Motion passed.
  • Secretary Report.   All is good.
  • Treasury Report.  $76194 in checking account.   Charlie made a motion at accept it as presented.   Scott seconded.   Motion carried.
  • Committee Reports
    • By Laws.   Lynn B & team are working on these.   Some additional work still needed on 2nd draft.
    • Toy.   Rich M reports next year’s toy is a 444 baler (die cast).
    • Swap Meet.   Doug reports 122 swap spots in 2017.  78 spots are already reserved for 2018.
    • Silent Auction.   Craig reports the 620 garden tractor is on auction via the website.
    • Quilts.  Dottie/Nancy report they will be leading this in 2018.
    • Garden Tractors.   No one to report.
    • Field Demos.   Gary A reports the winter wheat is planted.   Plan for 220 FWA and HD6 will be plowing again in 2018.
    • Membership (Arlene).   Arlene reports we are up to 445 members…55 are past due.    She also talked about archiving documentation (newsletters).
    • Trademark.  Darrell reports the club is now awaiting issuance of the Orange Spectacular.
    • Vendors, Tractor Pull, Etc.    Bob reports tractor pull went well.   Food Vendors did well.   Ladies Events went well.
  • Old Business
    • Outside accountant/audit.   Craig reports audit will be occurring soon.
    • Newsletter editor.   Request is that we need to get more stories going on A/C stuff.
  • New Business
    • Comment was made that for the remote ticket selling operations it would be helpful if we had the tractor there.
  • Announcements.
    • Dave C reported GOTO in TN and then in Pontiac, IL over Labor Day weekend.
    • Will need several officers to run for the board (Spring Meeting).
  • Adjourn Meeting
    • Charlie made motion to adjourn the meeting.   Brad G seconded.   Motion carried.