2013 Orange Spectacular fund raising raffle tractor for the Upper Midwest A-C Club, seen below.

1967 D12 Series III

To Larry Karg, Terry Nowak, Matt Wosmek and Aaron Barneson...your time and talents are very appreciated to completing this project. Gary Agrimson assisted in supplying any replacement parts that was needed for an original restoration.

  So many of us have no idea what it takes to do such a perfect project as to what you guys have done for the club! Guys, you have out-done yourselves. Someone is going to be one heck of a proud owner of this beatiful tractor!!  Thank you again!

Here is what it looked like before restoration!!!

Past Raffle Tractor Winners

Raffle Tractor Record:


Show of 1994

The “B” raffle tractor was won by Bill Becker of Foristell, Missouri


Show of 1995

1944 “C” Allis-Chalmers - Ted Nichols of Elk River, MN. Was called by phone


Show of 1996

CA Allis, Anton Peltzer of Ramsey, MN


Show of 1997

Raffle tractor “G” – Ray and Lois Tuma, Lonsdale, MN


Show of 1998

1959 D-12, Helmar Landsem of Chippewa Falls, WI,


Show of 1999

 D- 12 – Glenn Sider, Canada


Show of 2000

1959 D-10 - Nancy Dobratz - Watertown, MN


Show of 2001

D-14 raffle tractor, Marilyn and Elwood Meier – Pierce, NE


Show of 2002

D-15 – Lavern & Judy Maisel – Hubbard, IA


Show of 2003

WD 45 Diesel Tractor, Philip Lewis – Louisville, IL

$3000.00 cash, Dick Haag, Chippewa Falls, WI


Show of 2004

The WD 45 raffle tractor was not given away. The first place winner took

the cash - $3,000, Andrew Houser, Omaha, NE (11 yrs old)


Show of 2005

AC D-17, Duane Campbell, Currie, MN


Show of 2006

$5,000 cash, Stephanie Gertken – Albany, MN instead of taking the 1949 Allis Chalmers WF tractor


Show of 2007

AC 1952 IB, Linda Zabel, Prairie du Chen, WI


Show of 2008

AC 1962 D-12 Series II, Cal Simenson, Dodgeville, WI


Show of 2009

AC 1962 D-10 Series II, Douglas Anderson, Finland,MN


Show of 2010

AC 1960 D-15 Series I, Brandon Bursack, Canby, MN


Show of 2011

AC Series II, D-10, Jared Groth, Garber, IA


Show of 2012

$4,000 cash, Lillian Blotcamp – Hartford, S.D.instead of taking the AC D 15, Series II.

How Can I Get Some Raffle tickets?

Our raffle tickets cost $2.00 per ticket, $20.00 per book

Our raffle tickets are numbered - which does not allow us to develop a form on our website which would allow you to print the page and send in a printed copy of ticket(s).

So, if interested in purchasing some ($2.00) raffle tickets for this 1967 D12 Series III, pictured at the right (OR $4000.00 cash), please follow the , next steps to recieve a minimum order of one (1) book - $20.00

1). Decide how many books of tickets you want. (i.e. 1 book = $20.00; 2 books = $40.00; etc...)

2). Make a check or money order to Upper Midwest A-C Club....in memo write - raffle tickets

3). Send your  a). name, b). address, c). city, d). state, e). zip code, f). phone number with your payment

4). To the address below:

Upper Midwest A-C Collectors Club 22243 200th St Hutchinson, MN 55350  

5). As soon as we receive your information and payment, we will fill out your ticket stubs and return them to you, as your reciept.

6). Your tickets will be deposited in the tumbler with all the other raffle tickets

We appreciate your contribution towards the support of our club's future. Without your contribution, we would not to be able to continue with a free admission to an"orange spectacular" Allis-Chalmers tractor show.

You do NOT need to be present to win

Good Luck!