Candidates Bios for Spring Meeting April 21

Chad Stradtman – St James, MN

My name is Chad Stradtman and I am from St. James, MN. I work for the street department for the city of St. James as the lead foreman for the past 16 years. I am submitting my bio to be considered for a position on the board of directors for the Upper Midwest A-C Club. I am currently farming 160 acres of land and raising 20-30 head of cattle with my dad, Virgil Stradtman. My passion for Allis-Chalmers began when I was very young. My dad had a 7060 and my grandpa had a 1959 D17 which I am now the proud owner of. I have a lot of great memories riding on the fender of that tractor. I remember the first time my grandpa asked me if I wanted to drive the D17 while baling hay. I was not tall enough to reach the foot clutch but I could operate the hand clutch.

In 1993 I started working at Watonwan Implement the local Allis-Chalmers dealership in St. James, MN. My job requirements were equipment set ups, deliveries and cleaning tractors. In 1995 I started as a full time mechanic working on 7000 and 8000 series tractors and combines. I attended college to further my knowledge on the 9600 series tractors and the R-series combines. I currently own, along with my dad, 30 Allis-Chalmers tractors and implements. I have always enjoyed working on them and farming with them. We currently farm with 90% of our tractors that range from a Model B to 8550.

I’ve been attending the Orange Spectacular for about the last 20 years. In the last 5 years I started getting more involved with the club. I started bringing my own tractors for display. I also helped park tractors for a couple of years and got involved in the field demos. I really enjoy doing the field demos and visiting with other collectors. I’ve always wanted to be on the A-C board, bringing new ideas and getting more people involved with the club. The Upper Midwest A-C Club is a great club that 1000’s of people travel from all over just to come to enjoy the show every year.

I sincerely hope you consider me as a candidate for the board of directors for the Upper Midwest A-C Club.
Thank you,
Chad Stradtman


Cody Hager – St. Charles, MN

Hi, I am Cody Hager from St. Charles, MN and I am running for a position on the board of directors of the Upper Midwest A-C club. A little about myself. I am 27 years old and a sales agronomist for a local cooperative where I am responsible for seed sales and other ag products. I also farm about 160 acres of row crops and alfalfa with mostly Allis-Chalmers equipment, including a wd-45, 180, 190xt, 8070 FWA, and an M3 combine. I really enjoy farming with the older equipment because it is simple, easy to fix, and economical to operate . I’ve been very interested in the orange equipment since I’ve been only a few years old, and it just keeps intensifying. When I was 12 years old I tackled my first A-C restoration of a 110 manure spreader as a 4H project with much help from my dad. I continued to do a project every year until the age of 18. Several of these projects also earned me a trip to the MN state fair for both 4H and FFA. Once I started college I started doing repairs and restorations for other people including orange tractors, as well as tractors of other colors. I still continue to do some of these projects for other people, but with farming now my time is a bit limited. I have to give the most credit to my dad, Tom Hager, who has gotten me into the hobby, and taught me everything I know about mechanics and painting. He began working in 1972 as a mechanic at Kruger implement, an A-C dealer in Plainview, MN and just recently retired. Between my dad and I we own 27 A-C tractors, ranging from a 1928 model E, to my 1985 8070. We also like to compete in a few tractor pulls in the summer and we like to compete against each other with our WD-45’s. I also pull a fair amount with the 180, and the 190xt. I have been coming to the orange spectacular since I was probably 12 years old. I have become very involved in helping with field demos over the last 10 years or so, and will help out wherever I’m needed. It’s really amazing the types of field demos that we are able to perform at the show, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of several of our club members. I really enjoy helping out with the show and the field demos and it’s nice to spend time with people you don’t see very often.

I appreciate your consideration of adding me to the board of directors of the Upper Midwest A-C club.
Thank you
Cody Hager


Lori A. Miller – Cologne, MN

I was born and raised in Cologne, Minnesota and graduated from Central High in Norwood in 1986. I would say I am a true small-town girl at heart. I got my first job at the age of 15 at Chubby’s Restaurant in Cologne and haven’t been without a job since. I attended Normandale Community College in Bloomington from 1987 through 1992, focusing on Accounting and Economics. After residing in Waconia for nearly 20 years, I moved back to Cologne in 2014 to be “out in the country”. I have worked in the financial services industry since 1988 – while attending Normandale classes on nights and weekends. I began my financial career designing structured settlements for personal injury claims. I took a short hiatus from structured settlements in 1990 to work as a legal secretary at a Minneapolis based civil litigation firm and in 1991 began working for Integrated, Inc. – Wealth Advisors, a small independent financial planning firm in Edina, Minnesota. I began with Integrated as an administrative assistant focusing on the organization and efficiency of the company and its day to day operations. I quickly moved up the ladder earning the title of Director of Operations and was elated at my promotion to Vice President in 2009. I celebrated my 26th Anniversary at Integrated this past December. I maintain a rigorous continuing education discipline to keep current on issues in the industry.

I attended my first Orange Spectacular in 2014 – and “Orange Fever” took over. For the last 3 years I have been one of the familiar faces registering tractors for the show and helping out in any way possible. When Darrell Grams, Sr. was elected to the Treasurer position for the Upper Midwest A-C Club I volunteered my knowledge in accounting, finance and organization to help out in any way possible.

In August of 2017 I made my first official “Orange” purchase and to say I was giddy would be a huge understatement. I purchased the 2017 Orange Spectacular’s Raffle Tractor directly from the raffle winner. – A fully restored 1959 D-10 Series I – which I’m excited to say I’ll be driving in the parade in 2018 – smiling from ear to ear.

I spend all of my free time with my significant other and his two fantastic boys, ages 14 & 17. I enjoy working on my home and yard, traveling, fishing, cooking, reading and most of all,
collecting Red Wing crocks and stoneware. I’ve been a member of the Red Wing Collector Society for years.


Craig Buss – Arllington, MN

Here is my biography I am up for re election.

Well, where do we start. I am Craig Buss, currently the President of the Upper Midwest A-C Club. I have been a member of the club for the last 10 plus years. I became a member when the show was still at the Karg farm. I remember when the show first started and man can I tell you, It was the talk of the area. I grew up just miles from the Karg farm. Larry took me under his wing way back then and gave me a spark of the Allis-Chalmers world. Allis-Chalmers has been a staple of my families’ farm since 1936 when my Great Grandpa purchased a WC. That tractor has earned its keep time and time again. Overhaul after overhaul and then I took the cultivator off and began restoration when I went to college. There is still a WD-45 that resides at my Great Uncles farm. I have continued to preserve our history with my own Allis machinery.

Fast forward a few years, 2 years ago I was elected to the board. I’ve served on the board with honor. I’m proud to say I belong to the club. Last April I was elected by the board to the President’s role. Darrell, Randy and Larry have had some big shoes to fill. I hope I have filled them and brought a few new and good things to the board and club. Some things as a board that we have done is to put anything and everything that has to do with the club, in the club’s name. I have had 1 show under my belt and I believe we had a very successful show, and lots of small things to tweak for next year. I met a lot of people and continue to meet people which is fantastic. I like to hear from everyone – what they like about the show and what new ideas we can try to implement for the show. I can not forget to tell all of you with it the support of my wife, Georgia Buss this job as President would be a lot harder than it could be. Besides, with a hobby like this is a walk in the park most days.

If elected back to the board I will continue to react with the members trying to get new things for the show, recruite new members with social media and face to face interactions, help with our regular advertising on the website be decisive and just with decisions that the board needs to make and help move the club forward. There’s many of us that still want to see this club grow and become better and better every year. My Grandpa instilled in me that if you want something to do well or you want to do well, be passionate about it. This club is one of my deepest passions, to hold the past and remember the past for future generations to see and be a part of. It’s been great to be a part of this club and I would be thrilled to continue as a member of the board. Thank you for your time, help and support. Vote Buss for the Board on April 14th.

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