2019 Fall Membership Meeting Minutes

Upper Midwest A-C Club™
Membership Meeting Minutes
Hutchinson Event Center
November 9, 2019 – 4:30pm

Call to Order:

Darrell calls the meeting to order at 6:10pm
Roll Call for the Board: Darrell Grams, Todd Grams, Lori Miller, Cody Hager, Joan Paulson, Lynn Bushard, Scott Overgaard & Joe Graunke Absent: Tom Foss

Secretary’s report:

Review and approve minutes from April 2019 Membership meeting. Lori read the minutes from the April 2019 Membership Meeting. There were no questions or comments.
Charlie Strom makes motion to approve minutes from April 2019 membership meeting. Rich Bagel seconded. All in favor – Motion carries.
Arland Lepper asked that Darrell explain to the membership who Michael Crowe is and what he does for the club. Darrell explained that Michael Crowe is a club member who is a tax attorney who does all of the tax returns for the club and assists with legal issues such as our corporate filings, charitable gambling filings and provides support in countless areas. There were no other questions.

Treasurer’s report:

Download complete Membership minutes:

2019_11_09 – UMACC Membership Meeting Minutes