2021 Spring Membership Meeting Minutes


Upper Midwest A-C Club®
Membership Meeting Minutes

Hutchinson Event Center
Saturday, April 17, 2021 @ 1:00pm


Call to Order: President Darrell Grams, Sr. called the meeting to order at 1:07pm
Roll Call for the Board: Present – Darrell Grams, Sr., Joe Graunke, Todd Grams, Lori Miller, Lynn Bushard, Cody Hager, Joan Paulson, Tom Foss, Scott Overgaard


Membership additions to agenda, if applicable. – Darrell said a comment was made to him about notifying the membership of the Elfie Johanson estate auction on May 22nd at the Antique Tractor Grounds in Park Rapids, MN through Davis Corners Auction Service. This will be an estate auction of tractors and implements. Elfie was a long-time member of the club for many years. We will remind people via Facebook about this auction as well as the other auctions that have been reported in our newsletter.
Review and approve Membership Meeting Agenda 4/17/2021
Clark Swanson makes motion to approve the Membership Meeting Agenda including the addition above. Scott Schanus seconds – All in favor – motion carried.
Review and approve minutes from November 2019 Membership meeting. Darrell Grams, Jr. makes motion to approve the minutes for the November 9, 2019 Membership
meeting minutes and requests approval to have these minutes posted to our Club’s website. Bob Paulson Seconds – All in favor – Motion carries.
Scott Schanus makes motion to approve Secretary’s Report – Bob Paulson seconds. All in favor – motion carries.



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