Breaking Ground-New Building Site Development

This past weekend, many of the Upper Midwest A-C Club™ members got together to play in the dirt. Just kidding, these guys and gals worked very hard to complete all the necessary ground preparation before construction starts on the new building sometime in 2022.

A video created by Jim Pessek @ J & L Videos can be viewed below to show the hard work of club members over the weekend.

Take a sneak peak at these photos to see this crew in action:


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2 thoughts on “Breaking Ground-New Building Site Development”

  1. I think it is awesome that the club bought the land and is building its own permanent home. It will pave the way for the future growth of the show and club. I encourage all members to contribute what they can to the building fund; there is no such thing as too small a contribution.

    1. Well said. We are very excited for this new building project to be completed. We will continue to keep everyone updated on our progress.

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