Board Meeting Minutes April 21, 2018

Board meeting April 21st, 2018

McLeod County Historical Society Museum   Hutchinson, MN

April 21, 2018 / 9:10 am

  • Call to order
    • Randy Larson-Not Present, Terry Nowak-Present, Joan Paulson-Present, Scott Overgaard-Not Present, Lynn Bushard-Present, Darrell Grams-Present, Joe Graunke-Present, Tom Foss-Present, Craig Buss-Present
  • Approval of January 2018 minutes:  Darrell made a motion to approve.  Craig B seconded.   Motion passed. 
  • Treasurer Report.   Darrell reports ~$149K in the Club’s Checking Acct and Scholarship Fund has ~$9522.   Darrell will change the line item on “Land Rent” to “Show Ground Rent”.  Lynn makes a motion to approve the report.  Joe seconds it.   Motion passed.
  • Membership Report.   Arlene reports she has 11 people that need to review.   Arlene wants Craig to add a membership form to the website.   Craig has a concern about the number of addresses we have checks sent to for each of our events that need checks.  
  • Old Business
    • Newsletter Articles.   Craig reports that Nancy got several articles.  Issue closed.  
    • Lifetime Membership.   Darrell reports that he would like to award all charter members lifetime memberships (there are 12-13 individuals…do this at the fall banquet).   Every year after, we would grant 1-3 people each year a lifetime membership.   Craig made a motion that charter members and Bob Paulson be granted this lifetime membership and then 1-3 people each subsequent year.    Joe seconds the motion.   Motion passed.
    • Tractor Registration/Gift Card.   Darrell wants the full support of the board to get people to register the tractors/self-propelled equipment…along with getting their own stuff registered. 
      • Tractor Pull Tractors.   Bob will make sure he gets registration from anyone pulling that hasn’t registered their tractor previously in the days.   Craig is looking for a form in triplicate.  
    • Incident Report.   Bob reports…
    • By-Laws.   Lynn/Arlene reports they are ready to go.   Arlene will pass out a copy of this at the membership meeting today.   The membership will vote to approve or disapprove it.     Joe makes a motion to approve the draft of the By-laws.  Joan seconded it.  Motion passed.
    • Trademark.   Darrell reports taxes have been filed for 2018.   The trademark approval to be sent in but we need to pay a $50 penalty.   The “Orange Spectacular” and “Upper Midwest A-C Club” names are now owned by this club w/an address at the McLeod Fairgrounds.   Everyone should start using R or TM on usage of this name on any literature or items we sell.
    • Trademarking Bill Settlement.   The board discussed and the issue is closed.   Darrel made a motion to close this issue.  Joe seconds this.   Fees associated to generate the trademark is essentially $5K (delta of $8K less $3K for if would have been clean with filing).
    • 2018 Show Toy.   Craig reports we have just (10) toys left to sell.
    • Advertising.   Joe reports all is taken care of except for Iowa (?).  (Ref Jan 2018 meeting minutes).  Craig reports KDUZ/KARP (local radio station) will play an add after the farm markets. 
    • Another Building.   Gary will work directly with Randy Starkey on this topic.   Issue closed.
    • 2018-2019 Merchandise.   Joe reports the shirts are ordered…and they will be drop-shipped to Gary A’s shop to limit the cost.    
    • Member question of articles written.   Craig reports the new deadline for the next newsletter is May 1st.
      • Interaction with Nancy about articles.   Craig reports this incident was investigated. Nancy will talk with the individual.
    • 616 Mower.   Current bid is $1500.
  • New business
    • People Mover for going around town.  TJN to check with Arlyn Hedtke to see if he has a 3rd People Mover for the parade/tractor ride around town.   Backup plan would be to use a thrower rack.     Darrell will check to see what the cost is to build one.
    • Fall Banquet.   Plan is to move from the VFW.   Joanie’s Catering is a potential vendor for food. (150 people…$10.45 per person…with 2 meats).   Potential plan is to go to Days Inn (may not charge for the room but may charge if we bring food in?).   Joan P will follow up what the details are of using the Days Inn/Joanie Catering. 
    • Food Budget for Volunteers/Workers.   Arlene reports she slightly went over the food budget from last year’s show of $750 by ~$65. Joe makes a motion to go to $850 for this budget for 2018.   Terry seconded it.   Motion passed.  
      • Does the club need to purchase coolers for this usage?   Need an estimate on number (4?) and size of coolers if we want to proceed with this.   Arlene will check into this.   Target to buy these items from Runnings.
    • Archives Project.  Arlene will start working on this with Scott Overgaard.
    • 2018 Show.   Craig reports garbage cans/dumpsters need to be worked.   Craig will check with vendors for a 20 yd dumpster.   Security will come from the city.   The Pavilion may not be completed in time to house the bands…we may need to rent the tent.   Make the call at the next board meeting.
    • Board Nominees.   Craig reports there are (3) candidates.  
    • Nancy wants to retire with newsletter in 15 months.  
    • Show Guide.  The deadlines are May 15th for us to get all the info in to go into this booklet.   The gal still needs 3 articles.
    • Bus Trip.  Joan reports that a bus for woman…and stop at 2-3 things around town/close in.   Craig makes a motion for the club to pay for the bus (approx. ~$550).   Terry seconds.   Motion carried.   A flyer with this will be added to the website.
    • Additional building-Show Arena.  Bob is saying the gp adding on to this is asking for help in building.  
    • Next board meeting date (not meeting after election).   Craig reports next meeting will be targeted for Sat June 16th at the Fairgrounds at 9 am.   Craig will try and get a room at the grounds. 
  • Adjourn Meeting.   Darrell makes a motion to adjourn.   Tom seconded.   Motion carries.