Nomination Committee

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee of the Upper Midwest A-C Club™ is hard at work before our spring meeting to find candidates to run for a position on our Club’s Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee consists of Board Member Cody Hager, along with the volunteer help of Curt Anderson, Dale Heintz, and Arlene Bushard. This year we will be voting for four members at our spring meeting in April. Typically we only vote for three Directors each year, but due to some departures on the Board several years ago, our voting schedule got out of our normal cycle. Our plan for this year’s election is to award a three year term to three of the candidates with the highest number of votes. The candidate who receives the fourth highest number of votes will receive a two year term to get our elections back on cycle. Once the Nomination Committee has all of its nominee’s chosen, they will post the candidates biographies on the Club’s website prior to the election at our spring meeting in April. The biographies will also be available for viewing the day of the meeting. Thanks to those who volunteered to help with the Nomination Committee this year.

We look forward to spring and seeing all of you at the meeting in April.

Reconstruction of Hwy 15 Through Downtown Hutchinson During the 2020 Orange Spectacular

MnDOT will reconstruct Highway 15/Main Street from 2nd Ave., near the South Fork Crow River Bridge, to 5th Ave. S due to deteriorating pavement. Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings will be upgraded to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The City of Hutchinson will be replacing utilities (sanitary sewer & water) in downtown Hutchinson under Highway 15/Main Street. This work will require a detour.

In addition to the reconstruction of Highway 15/Main Street, the pavement from 5th Ave. S to just north of the roundabout at CR 115 (Airport Road) will be resurfaced. Current sidewalk and pedestrian crossings along this area will be upgraded to meet ADA standards. A north bound left turn lane at Linden Ave. will also be added. This work will be done under traffic and will not require a detour.
Both projects are scheduled for the 2020 construction season.

2020 Orange Spectacular Featured Tractor – The Model Two-Ten

Each year, the Upper Midwest AC Club™ features a specific Allis-Chalmers tractor model as their way to continually promote and preserve knowledge of these machines that highlight a part of the Allis-Chalmers company history. During the 2020 Orange Spectacular®, the featured tractor will be the model Two-Ten. This year marks its 50th Anniversary of production. With less than 1,500 of these tractors ever built from 1970 to 1972, this “Landhandler” tractor filled the 42-horsepower gap between the 190XT and the Two-Twenty models. Except for the sheet metal and fuel system used on the Two-Ten, there were very few mechanical differences between the Two-Ten and Two-Twenty tractors. The same 3500 turbocharged diesel was used but a lower-output injection pump was set to produce a 122.40 PTO versus the Two-Twenty output of 135.95 PTO. When it was introduced, Two-Twenty orders took a big drop, but the Two-Ten gave Allis-Chalmers a much needed entry in the strong 120-hp market for two years until the new 7000 family came out in early 1973.

Anyone interested in bringing their Two-Ten to the Orange Spectacular® is welcome!
If you have questions or if you need to register your tractor, please contact a Board Member.