Board Meeting Minutes June 7, 2020

Upper Midwest A-C Club™

Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call

June 7, 2020 – 7:00pm (Rescheduled from May 31, 2020)


Call in instructions:

At 7pm dial toll free: 1-866-906-7447    When prompted, enter access code 5410765 followed by the # sign



Call to Order:   Darrell called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


Roll call:  Present = Darrell Grams, Todd Grams, Lori Miller, Scott Overgaard, Tom Foss, Lynn Bushard, Joan Paulson, Cody Hager, Joe Graunke

Absent:  None             


Others Present:  Bob Paulson & Arlene Bushard




Treasurer’s Report:


Checking =           $  67,280.94

Building Fund =   $100,000.00
              Money Market = $101,090.55
              Scholarship =       $  10,042.44
                    SUB TOTAL = $278,413.93 


              Sales Tax Payable $     350.97

Mortgage =         $  96,737.88

                           TOTAL = $181,676.05


*All accounts were balanced and reconciled to the bank as of 5/31/2020.


We’re holding $20 in membership (cash) from Myron Cermak (new member), $133 in Raffle Ticket money, $1,865 in Toy money and $280 in membership.  (UPDATE 6/10/2020 – This deposit was made on 6/9/2020)


Bills still outstanding – Approximately $100,000 to SpecCast for 2020 Toy – Due around the time of delivery.


Joe makes motion to approve Treasurer’s report.  Tom seconds.  All in favor – Motion carries.


Secretary’s Report:

Review & Approve 6/7/2020 Conference Call Agenda. – Scott makes motion to approve the agenda.  Lynn seconds.  All in favor – Motion carries.

Review & Approve 3/29/2020 Minutes – Todd makes motion to approve minutes.  Scott seconds – All in favor – Motion carries

Review & Approve  5/3/2020 Conference Call Minutes – Note to update minutes to reflect May 31st meeting was rescheduled from May 31, 2020 to June 7, 2020.  Lynn makes motion to approve minutes.  Scott seconds.  All in favor – Motion carries.


Toshiba Laptop – Can we decommission and destroy?   Lori makes motion to destroy once all pertinent information is removed – Tom seconds.  All in favor – Motion carries.


Bylaws:   The changes from Nov 2019 are done and they just need to be signed.  We will get signed shortly. 


2021 Flyers:   Lori has a small supply of these if anyone wants them.   Darrell wants us to send a supply up updated tri-folds to the Allis Connection show on Father’s Day Weekend.  Scott will see if we can get an updated flyer printed and sent out before their show.


Last two newsletters:  Lori has a full box of each of these if anyone wants some.  Lori will send 20 to Gary, 5 to Scott and 24 to Arlene after every printing. 


We discussed printing of the newsletter and getting bids on layout and printing.  Tabled to next meeting.


President’s Report:

Show Status as of 6/7/2020 – Governor still says no large gatherings and it doesn’t look like anything is going to change anytime soon.  Darrell feels no show is better than 1/3 of a show.  We believe it is only fiscally responsible to cancel.  Lynn makes motion to cancel the 2020 Show.  Joe seconds.  All in favor – motion carries. 


Lori will post on the Facebook page & Website and will use what Scott drafted.  (DONE 6/8/20)

Bob said he would talk to Mary and notify the Chamber.

Todd will cancel the golf carts. (DONE 6/8/20)

Todd will send refund checks for golf carts and toy vendors. (DONE 6/8/20)

Lori will refund all of the Toy Vendors (DONE 6/8/20)

Bob will call the food vendors and entertainment.

Joan will cancel the bus and children’s activities.

Darrell will call Randy Starke.

Cody will call the sled people for the tractor pull.


Toys – Rich has gotten called from people already requesting that their toys be shipped.  SpecCast can/will ship at a discounted rate.  We are looking at potentially $2,600 in shipping costs.  If the toys are late getting in from China, then SpecCast will pay for all shipping. 


Cody makes motion that any toys orders received after June 14th will have a mandatory $15 shipping cost added and that all toys be shipped.  If we have some that want pick up and others that want them held and others want shipping, it’s just too many different options to try to keep track of, not to mention the liability of whoever is doing the hand delivering.  Lori seconds motion.  All in favor – Motion carries.


Lynn asked about the field.  We will hold off on notifying anyone about field work until we get closer to that time and know what will happen and what would be allowed.   Darrell wants to make square bails which are easier to sell.  All agree.  Cody suggested we put an ad in the paper selling the bails.


Raffle Tickets:  Lori explained what Roxie from the Minnesota Gambling Control Board explained.  (Updated as of 6/9/2020) – Roxie has made note of the change of date in our raffle drawing from July 26, 2020 to July 25, 2021 and said there shouldn’t be a problem with that change.  She said she has documented our Permit of the change already.  She guided me on what needed to be in the letter.

She also guided me on a couple of other questions.

               Do we need to notify everyone who has already bought tickets?  YES – We will need to make a “best effort” to contact each and every person who has already purchased a ticket to let them know of the new date of the drawing.  She said we can do this by EMAIL, PHONE, AD IN LOCAL PAPER.   She said we just need to make an EFFORT to contact.   (As of 6/10/2020 at 5:30pm Todd and Lori have called EVERY ticket we are in possession of.  Not one person asked for a refund – we even sold 10 more tickets!!)  Arlene only has tickets from MEMBERS – and they will be notified in the upcoming newsletter.  Todd and Lori will continue to contact people as tickets come in until we are confident that everyone is aware of the date change of the raffle.
               Do we need to or should we print new tickets?  NO! She said you can’t print new tickets because then all of your sequential numbers will be wonky.  She said we will need to HAND WRITE the new date on the tickets or put stickers over the current date.  This is for tickets we will sell between now and the show.  She said the tickets AT THE SHOW in 2021 can be sold AS IS as long as we have a POSTER or notice somewhere notifying that these are the tickets from the 2020 Postponed Raffle and the actual date of the drawing.   

The letter to Roxie was emailed to Darrell on 6/9 and he will be signing and taking it to the City of Hutch for their signature and submission.  But, Roxie did say that as long as we have notified her, which we have, we are good to go with the changes stipulated above and the approval from them will come right away as soon as she gets the letter from Darrell.


Sales Tax Exemption Application/Status:  Michael Crowe sent in more information.  Darrell got a letter on the 26th of May with a denial of tax exempt status.   Darrell said we still have the option to get property tax relief and he will work on finding out what is needed for that. 


Shed door repair at fairgrounds:  Randy Rengo approached Gary with a proposal for the door.  Gary approved it and paid for material.  Last Sunday Gary and Darrell went to check it out and it looks great!   Gary suggested we give Randy a 2 year membership for his labor fixing the door.   Todd makes motion to provide Randy Rengo a 2 year membership.  Arlene is aware and will make sure the books reflect that.


Raffle tractor D-10 – Gary A. took the D-10 and fixed it.  When he was bringing it back he backed into something and put a hole in the club trailer door.  So he fixed it and it looks great.


Raffle tractor D-14 repairs:   Gary A. put a new wiring harness and generator on it and some gauges.  Both raffle tractors are in fabulous shape now.


People mover update:   The handicap lift has been installed.  The wagon needed to be beefed up a little bit to support the lift.  That has been done, the bill has been paid and now it is back under the grandstand at the Fairgrounds.


Spring Membership (Elections) Meeting (reschedule date):  Joe and Tom both agreed to stay and serve in their current positions until the elections are held, whenever that is. 

Darrell thinks we should do the elections at the Fall Banquet.  Bob suggests waiting until next Spring but if we wait until Spring we would have 7 up for election.   Joe suggests just skipping this year of elections altogether and extending everyone’s term by 1 year. 

Board agrees to postpone a decision about what to do with elections until the July 23rd board meeting.


Other Committee Reports:

Membership report:   17 friendly reminders.  Arlene is asking for email addresses.  Arlene has two jump sticks with photos from Carol Spies which she will get to Lori for Archives and posting on the website photo gallery.


Scholarship – Ken contacted Darrell and said his employer told him if he went to any large gatherings he would have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks.  So Ken told Darrell he wouldn’t be coming to the show.  He said he has some stuff for the scholarship auction and asked if we thought an on-line auction would work.  We discussed and all agree to hold these items until next year.  Cody only has one application at this point.  Cody thinks we should have the scholarship(s) given even though the show is cancelled.  Rather than doing an on-line auction we will just have to all put our heads together for more fundraising next year.


Toy Committee:  514 of the 2020 show toys have been paid for.  Darrell said we have about 70 toys left not spoken for.  $48,000 to $50,000 of toy money coming in yet. 

The toy committee is discussing a 9 point pull-type Chisel plow for 2021 Toy – Estimate is coming.   Corn Picker – Tractor molds are now property of Ertl Toys.  Bob & Joe both think we owned the mold.  We own molds on implements but not tractors.  Joe said he would talk to Rich and get clarification on this.


Website and Facebook page:  Lori will make changes with April regarding the cancellation of the show.  Darrell will talk to her about pictures coming from Carol Spies.




Darrell said Larry Karg stopped to see him when he was in Hutch recently.  He said if we cancel the show he was going to cancel his open house, which was scheduled for the same weekend.  He asked if we would post on the website that his open house is cancelled.   Joan said no.  Lynn said no.  Scott said no – but we can put it in the newsletter if he writes it up and submits it.  Darrell said he would call Larry and let him know.  Scott wants it by Wednesday.


Regarding the building.  The guy in northern Minnesota wants to donate his entire collection and we need storage.  Tom wants to see it put up as well.  He doesn’t want to see stuff outside so that guy’s stuff could go inside.  We still want to have classrooms and demonstrations.   Darrell said the cost for 60 x 162 (16 foot sidewalls) would be $142,000 without power.  We would need power run to the building but the guy that bought Darrell’s drag said he would put up the panel inside the building for us for free.  The parking lot with 3 stalls has to be put in.  We would need concrete pad under front entry canopy.  We would need rock for inside that isn’t dusty like the other building.  Darrell will put together a more detailed budget of what the total cost would be for what is being proposed.  We will discuss in more detail at next meeting.


Darrell will write a letter for the newsletter asking for more donations to help with the cost.   Michael Crowe pointed out to Darrell that people over 70 ½ who are required to take minimum distributions (RMDs) from their IRAs, can make a donation directly from their IRAs to the club and not pay any state or federal tax.  (This is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution.)  Even though RMDs were waived for 2020 by the CARES ACT of 2020, the QCDs can still be done.  We will table discussion to July 23rd meeting.


Upcoming Board/Membership Meetings:

July 13, 2020 – Monday @ 7pm – Conference Call             
July 23, 2020 @ 10am – at the show.**
August 4, 2020 @ 7pm – Conference Call

September 12, 2020 @ 10am – Saturday – Board Meeting – Squeaky’s Grill & Bar  (Need to confirm with Gayle)
November 14, 2020 – Board Meeting – Hutchinson Event Center – Bob and Joan have reserved.

November 14, 2020 – Membership Meeting – Hutchinson Event Center – Bob and Joan have reserved.

January 16, 2021 @ 10am – Board Meeting – Lori’s Office in Edina.


Adjourn – Todd made motion to adjourn.  Joan seconded.  All in favor – Meeting adourn