Board Meeting Minutes May 3, 2020

Upper Midwest A-C Club
Conference Call Minutes
May 3, 2020 – 7:00 pm


Call to order: Darrell called the meeting to order at 7pm
Roll call: Present: Darrell Grams, Lori Miller, Todd Grams, Lynn Bushard, Joan Paulson, Tom Foss and Scott Overgaard.
Absent – Joe Graunke, Cody Hager
Others present: Bob Paulson

The Show
Darrell pointed out with the COVID 19 shut down, we need to make some decisions on when we will make a definitive decision to proceed or cancel the show. Darrell checked with the Fairgrounds and was told they have an alternate date for us the last week of August. However, this is the week following the fair so we would not be allowed in to start set up until the fair has been torn down.
Bob asked whether or not we could be sued if someone contracted COVID at our show. Apparently, there is something in legislation now to provide some direction with regard to that. Nothing definitive at this point but Lori thinks it would be awfully hard for someone to say definitively they contracted COVID at OUR SHOW. Obviously, we are in unchartered territory.
Todd pointed out that if the governor extends the shelter-in-place order it would be another two weeks which would put us into June.
Tom pointed out even if we do have the show we would have people not come in fear of the crowds and such.
Joan suggests we all proceed full steam ahead with everything we are supposed to be doing until a drop-dead date when a final decision is made to cancel.
Scott asked if it would be worthwhile moving the show in August or September. Todd asked if we do reschedule will we have enough time to scramble and get everything rescheduled to get it put together. Bob pointed out that if we do reschedule we don’t know what other events we would be competing with at later dates. We also don’t know if Biffs, Dumpsters, Golf Carts, Kids activities, etc would be available on the rescheduled date.

Lynn asked about the raffle. Todd explained if we postpone the raffle we will have to notify the state but we only have one year from the date of issuance of the gambling permit to do the raffle. Any longer than one year and we would have to reapply for a new permit. If we CANCEL the raffle we would need to notify the state immediately and get direction on what is required to refund the money we have collected. Todd suggests if we don’t have the show that we refund the money and cancel the raffle. Scott said we would ask people if they want to apply the money to next year’s tickets. Not sure if that would fly with the state or not but that is something we would have to address.
We all agree, in the meantime, we need to keep solid records of tickets and money so that if we do need to refund it can be done with the least amount of work. Lori and Todd have been keeping photocopies of tickets AND the check and have these all in a 3-ring binder. It’s our understanding that Arlene also has ticket stubs. We would prefer they are all in one location.

We all seemed in agreement that we would try to hold this issue of the newsletter back until we can communicate something about the show. Scott said he can have everything pretty finalized and ready to go and just add information about the show then submit to print. He said he didn’t know what Sky Printing’s agenda looks like so we need to be aware that we need to give them time to print and mail the newsletters too.  But, Scott thinks we are in good shape for content in this issue. He is only missing the President’s letter at this point.

Darrell got a call from Farm News asking if we will be putting an ad in. Darrell doesn’t think so because the thinks we should focus all our efforts to advertise locally.

Spring Meeting
Tom also pointed out that the Spring Meeting still needs to be held. Lori asked if/when we have the show, could we hold the Spring meeting at the show?

Bottom Line
We all agree to have another conference call on May 31st at 7pm to make a hard decision by June 1st. If we still are up in the are on May 31st we could possibly extend the deadline to cancel to June 15th but everyone agrees we could not go uncertain past that point. Ideally, we would like to make a decision on May31st.
May 31st at 7pm – Conference Call to discuss decisions about the show and Spring Meeting.

Other items:
Darrell asked for Board Approval on the purchase of the handicap ramp for the people mover. The same handicap lift was priced out when the people-movers were being built. They all ran around $2,500. Darrell paid the guy $200 cash because he didn’t want a check. Darrell would like to use the debit card to reimburse himself the $200. Lynn suggested writing a check instead. Scott makes motion for the club to reimburse Darrell the $200 – Tom seconds. All in favor. Motion carries.
Darrell talked to OEM (the builders of the people movers). They would need to reinforce the people mover slightly to accommodate the weight of the ramp. OEM said $250 – $350 to reinforce and install. Tom makes motion to have OEM reinforce and install. Scott seconds. All in favor – Motion carries. 

Darrell informed the board of his problem with his email. He’s been hacked and has been working with the security department at Frontier for weeks. It just doesn’t appear they can get this resolved. Darrell may be setting up a new email address with RS Fiber or another provider. In the meantime, just be very careful to look that any emails being sent to him are actually going to the Frontier address until he provides us with a different address.
Rich said we have only about 75 toys left and the toys are going to be late due to COVID in China and them being short staffed at the plant. We don’t have a lot more details than that but Darrell will keep us updated.
Lori will look to see if we paid the $600 for Fair Board sponsorship. We have not! She contacted the Fair office and left a message asking for someone to call so we can get an invoice and get that sponsorship paid.

Next Meetings –

May 31, 2020 @ 7pm – Conference Call

June 6, 2020 @ 9am – Squeaky’s in Hutchinson

July 13, 2020 @ 7pm – Conference Call

Todd makes motion to Adjourn at 7:53pm. Tom seconds. All in favor – motion carries.