Board Meeting Minutes November 13, 2021


Upper Midwest A-C Club
Board Meeting Minutes
Squeaky’s – Hutchinson
Saturday – November 13, 2021 @ Noon


Call to Order:  Darrell called the meeting to order at Noon.

Roll Call  
Present:  Darrell Grams, Sr., David Grinnell, Todd Grams, Lori Miller, Joan Paulson, Cody Hager & Scott Overgaard.  Late:  Joe Graunke.
Absent:  Lynn Bushard
Others Present:  Bob Paulson, Jessica Meech, Tom Hager, Rich Martin, Dale Heinz, Dale & Dottie May, Norm Grams.



Final payment of $65,000 for the 2021 Sprayer toy was mailed 11/2/2021

260 Units were sold to vendors and those invoices have been mailed out.  We should be receiving those payments totaling $43,420 shortly.


Initial tooling payment of $11,000 for the 2022 toy (Manure Spreader) was mailed 9/12/2021.  We will have 2 more tooling payments of $15,600; one after the model is approved and one after the sample is approved.


Scott makes motion to approve the treasurer’s report.   Cody seconds.  All in favor – motion carries.


Darrell points out that he received a letter from Arlene and Lynn Bushard notifying us of their resignation of all club positions effective immediately.   This includes Lynn’s board position and camper parking coordinator and Arlene as membership coordinator and co-chair of the nomination committee.   The board accepts the resignations.  Darrell points out in the past that the board would look back at a prior election and offer the position to the next highest vote getter at that election.  Lori confirmed that the last election result would be Norm Grams.   Cody makes a motion for the board to appoint Norm Grams to fill the remaining term of Lynn Bushard.  Scott seconds the motion – All in favor – Motion carries.   



Review & Approve 11/13/2021 Board Meeting Agenda.   Scott makes motion to approve.  Dave seconds.  All in favor – motion carries.    Darrell points out that parliamentary procedure does not require an agenda approval except for governmental agencies.   So, Scott makes motion to eliminate the need for agenda approval going forward.  Todd seconds the motion – All in favor – motion carries. 


Review & Approve 9/19/2021 Board Meeting Minutes.  Todd makes motion to approve the Minutes from the 9/19/2021 Board Meeting Conference Call.   Scott seconds the motion – All in favor – motion carries.


Download Full Board Meeting Minutes Here