Board Meeting Minutes June 16, 2018

Upper Midwest A-C Club Directors Meeting

McLeod County Fairgrounds


Call to order at:  10:00 am


Roll call:   Darrell Grams, Sr., Joe Graunke, Cody Hager, Tom Foss, Scott Overgaard, Craig Buss, Lynn Bushard, and Lori Miller all present.   Joan Paulson not present

Others present:  Larry Karg, Rich Martin, Arlene Bushard, Jessica Meech and Bob Paulson.


Secretary report – Corrections to last minutes

– The $50 late fee mentioned in the last minutes is not for Trademarking it is for the charitable gambling annual filing.  The notice from the State had been sent to Matt Wosmek. 

– Minutes should be voted on to be approved prior to publishing on website. 

– Arlene’s name needs to be removed from cooler search.   She is not working on this.

Lori will forward the 4/21/18 Membership Meeting Minutes to all board members. 

– Correction to Bylaws – Cover (Table of Contents) and By-Laws (Page 1) have been revised to read:  UPPER MIDWEST A-C CLUB Amended Bylaws 4-21-2018

Lynn made motion to approve prior meeting minutes.  Joe seconded.  Motion carries.

Treasurers’ report

As of 6/14/2018 – $148,545.40 in Checking and $9,772.44 in Scholarship Fund = Total:  $158,317.84
Everything is included except for ~$300 payment for advertising and $1,533 payment to Rally Productions for show plaques, buttons, etc.  $1,533 and ~$1,000 deposit which will be made today.

Lori to email out Reimbursement Form to all members.  Change Yes/No to MUST HAVE RECEIPT.

Lynn likes transaction reports but wants detail of deposits for future meetings.
Darrell shared that Rich Liekweg’s wife, Peggy sent donation to scholarship fund.
Lynn made motion to approve treasures report – Cody seconded.  Motion carries.


Bob has estimate for room in the shed on the pad that was poured last year. 
Larry will get us the material list for the existing shed to give to Randy at the Fairgrounds.


Membership report  Arlene reports 406 members – 6 Past due – 12 New
Arlene makes request that she would like back issues of newsletters to use as promotion for new members.   Arlene is working on archiving project and feels 10 issues to keep is unrealistic.   Lori asked why we can’t just save each issue as PDF on jump driver.  Lori mentioned that Arland Lepper had let us scan each and every copy of the newsletter back to Issue 1 for the Trademarking issue.  Lori had given the driver of documents to Darrell but Lori will find the pdfs and get them on a jump driver for Arlene and anyone else that wants them.   Joe makes motion to approve.  – Darrell seconds.  Motion carries.



Old Business –

– Merchandise – Shirts – 13 shirts left from last year but only 2 are dated.  Should we sell them or donate shirts at banquet as a door prize.  It was decided we would see if they sell at the show or if there is a demand for them, then decide.

– New Building at the Fairgrounds.  – Larry Karg discussed new building.  Quote for just the building materials (size) $_____ .   Wall height undecided between 12 and 14 feet.  Two overhead doors.  Fair board does not want to discuss this until after the fair.   Larry said he was told the transformer can be moved without any issue.   Larry wants to have a walking discussion during the show with members and the Fair board.    Larry mentioned possibly asking the fair for no rent for showgrounds as part of the building deal. 
– 616 Silent Auction – At the last meeting it was asked why we are auctioning off this tractor.   It was a January meeting when the board decided to auction off the lawnmower because it is not be used and the expense of upkeep.   Currently it has two flat tires and a dead battery.
– Fall Banquet – It was discussed to move the banquet to the fairgrounds.  Joannie’s will cater and we will hold it at the fairgrounds.   It was hard finding a spot large enough not already booked.
– Audit of the Club’s Books. – We discussed the request for an audit and the issues we are running into of exactly why we want this audit.  What does it serve to gain for the club?  Our original intent was that when we moved from one treasurer to the next that we had someone review and confirm that all was in line.  It appears the need for an audit has ended.  We discussed that the main focus is to put the club’s interest first and that everyone try to keep that in mind when transition positions to new members.   Craig makes a motion to use the same system for bookkeeping that we have now for future treasurers and that current treasurer (or any other position) assist any new treasurer (or other position) for a period of one year.  Joe seconds motion.  Motion carries.

2018 Show

Advertising – All good to go.
Field Demos – All is on track.  220s are good to go – Wheat is good.  Feedback has been good.  Cody said we need a good working roto bailer.   Need to have a schedule for events and plowing needs to be controlled a little better so it’s not a free-for-all.
Lynn shared that the Carol and Brent Spies will not be able to attend.  Need someone to put up flags and banners.  Craig said (??) has offered to do the flags and banners.
ATMs – Two machines are scheduled to be delivered.
Golf Cart Rental – This will be Terry’s last year.  We need someone to take over this task for 2019 Show and work with Terry to get a handle on the timeline needed to order carts and coordinate the rentals, etc.   Discussed possibly contracting out the whole golf cart rental process.  Lori was volunteered to work with Terry to get as much information from him as possible.   Info & registration forms for next year needs to be on the website as soon as possible.
Snap Coupler Seminars – Dave Buttjer would like help in the snap coupler seminar.  Bob Paulson offered to assist.
Security – All set to go.
People Movers – We will have 3.  Darrell has schedule of drivers.  Darrell has go ahead to go get ball hitches. 
Tractor & Personal Golf Cart Registration – All is on track.   New registration forms and numbers/tags have been ordered.  Lori will see that the form gets added to the website and Larry would like the registration form emailed to him.
Garbage – Craig got many quotes for dumpster.  Decided on Gaylord Sanitation. 
Biffs – Biffs are lined up.
Communications at the show.  We need to know that everyone is in communication and has their tasks.  Need to have a list of who to contact for each task or duty.    Larry offered the use of 6 2-way radios but said they would need to be taken to 2-Way Communications to be refurbished.  Lori said she found a set of 10 brand new ones for ~$300.   Darrell made motion to purchase 10 2-way radios.  Cody seconded.  Motion carries.
FFA – FFA will do show and parking and unloading on Thursday.
Fans for Vendor Building – Craig is getting a fan for the vendor building.  Larry has some we can use as well.
Camper parking – John helps Lynn.  Lynn wants someone to shadow him to show new people the system.
Toys – Rich said we are sold out on the 444 balers.  443 will be for sale from SpecCast.  They will bring a flyer to order from to the show.  Rich will need a golf cart for the show for Toy Farmer who is coming to the show.   We will make sure to reserve a cart for Rich to use.   Rich will also need someone to help him with toy distribution.
Tour of Hutch – The tour of Hutch bus is almost full.  This tour is only allowing for 20 people because the winery has a wedding that day. 
Quilt Show – is all set as well.
Map – We are exploring getting a world map for people to put a push pin in of where they are from.  Brenna Grams had done some research and came up with a few expensive options.  Lori thinks we can make a map or buy one already done for less.   Joe said he would see if he can find a map at the school.

New business


Official Club Address – 820 Century Avenue SW, Hutchinson MN 
Website – We now have pictures and info for the website for the entire board.  Lori will get Joan’s picture to April and ask her to update it.
Water Carnival – We had interest in participating in the Hutch Water Carnival but we are not covered under our insurance so we will not attend this year.   Craig took the original current insurance policy and will look into getting a new insurance provider or at the very least a review of what we have to see where our weaknesses are.  Next year’s Water Carnival will be the same day – Father’s Day.  We will consider taking the club tractor and trailer next year. 
Recruitment of Members – Larry thinks we need to have our faces at other shows to promote the club.  We need to better promote our show and our swap meet.   We also need to get a membership form on the website.  Scott and Arlene will work on new membership form and we will get it to April to add to the site once it is ready.

April Grams’ membership – Club had previously decided and approved that the club would pay for April’s membership.  Craig wanted this added to the minutes as it was not included in the minutes previously.  The board approved to renew April’s membership in July at no cost to April.

Website – April reported that she spends 7 to 10 hours a month on the upkeep of the website.  Recognizing that it would cost the club substantially to hire someone to do this, the club would like to compensate her annually for the work that she does.  Lori made motion to compensate April $575 per year.   We will pay her now for 2018 and Jan 1 for 2019.   Joe seconds.  Motion carries.

Merchandise sales on the website – Lynn made a motion to allow Scott and Jessica to use their discretion to come up with a plan to sell Orange Spectacular merchandise on-line.  They can come up with a plan of what to sell and how to go about it.  Craig seconded it.  Motion carries.

A-C Calendars – Brett Dahlman wants to know if he can sell his AC Calendars at the show.   Craig told him certainly come and sell calendars as long as he is paying a vendor fee.  There was some discussion about whether this would be competing with Dale, but it was never promised to Dale that we wouldn’t allow other vendors to sell calendars only that the Club would not sell them.

Statement of Purpose – The Statement of Purpose we have, written by Brad Grams, needs to be shorter even though we all feel it is superbly written.  Scott will work on coming up with something.  The “about us” should also have info about the establishment of the Club, like date we got started, etc.

Bylaws – Cover (Table of Contents) and Bylaws (Page 1) has been revised to Bylaws and not Operating Agreement. 

Director Shirts for Show – Currently Club buys the first shirt for each director.  Craig motions for the Club to buy each director 3 shirts to be worn each day of the show.  Darrell motioned to buy shirts “as needed”.  Lynn seconded – Motion carried.  
Everyone should call Gladys Reinertson at 507-261-3959 to order their shirts.  Gladys will draft one bill and mail it to Darrell.   If all orders are in before July 5th they should be done in time to be delivered to the show.


Other items to discuss:

Newsletter – Nancy wants short paragraph about new Directors and how we got involved in the club.

Next board meeting – July 26th at 1:00pm
                Discuss future projects and our goals and purpose.

1:00pm Meeting adjourned.