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All kids activities are free!




Since we introduced the event in 2020. Drive a Tractor at the Orange Spectacular has been a popular event for all ages.

Back by popular demand we are having the “Drive a Tractor” event for this year’s upcoming Orange Spectacular® show (Weather permitting). This event will be open to spectators ages 10 and up who wish to drive a tractor during their visit to our show. The driving activities will start at 11 a.m. each day and will run for at least an hour.

The larger tractors will be available to drive in the outdoor horse arena like we did in previous years. Our plans for this upcoming year are to possibly have one or two garden tractors available to drive near the garden tractor display area. Hopefully with this layout it will give us a little more room and will allow more people to participate in this event. It was a big hit last year and we anticipate an even bigger group this year. We hope many of you will stop by and take a spin. We look forward to seeing you at the Orange Spectacular® in July!

 (ok, you will get a drive an actual tractor with an engine and it makes noise, not a pedal one.)

Questions or ideas call Joan Paulson at 320.327.2800 or email at