Scholarship Information

The Scholarship Committee has been making some changes to the criteria used for awarding scholarships to interested students. I can’t stress enough, if in doubt call one of the contacts listed at the bottom for more information.

A copy of this, and the application can be sent to you by mail, email, or download Scholarship-Application here.

  • Scholarship awards will be in the amount of $500 per student, one award per lifetime.
  • The number of $500 scholarships awarded will be determined by the Club based on number of applications received and the content of the application.
  • Proof of attendance will be required at end of first semester, and then check will be issued.
  • Applicant will be a paid Club member, or child/grandchild of paid member.
  • Although an ag related field of education will be encouraged, it will not be a requirement to apply for a scholarship.
  • Student may be recognized at Orange Spectacular Show, but need not be present to win.
  • Content of essay will be the same as listed on application, but may vary in future years.
  • Applications will be due July 1, 2019.
  • Phone interviews may be used as part of application process.


Applications should be forwarded to:

Darrell Grams, Sr

34420 State Hwy 25

Green Isle, MN 55338 or


Any questions, or help needed please contact:

Darrel Grams, Sr 612-280-3397

Dale Heintz 507-545-2471

Ken Holz 651-437-8786


Thank you from the Upper Midwest A-C Club Scholarship Committee