Spring Membership Meeting

McLeod County Historical Society Museum Hutchinson, MN
April 21, 2018 / 12:54 pm

Call to order
Randy Larson-Not Present, Terry Nowak-Present, Joan Paulson-Present, Scott Overgaard-Not Present, Lynn Bushard-Present, Darrell Grams-Present, Joe Graunke-Present, Tom Foss-Present, Craig Buss-Present

Treasurer Report.

Darrell reports ~$149K in the Club’s Checking Acct and Scholarship Fund has ~$9522. Charlie makes a motion to approve the report. Jim seconds it. Motion passed.
Approve previous meeting minutes. This motion carried.

Old business

Audit of club treasury.
This will happen soon. After tax season Darrell and Lori M will finish.

Raffle chair needed
Board is looking for someone to take this on.

Announcements from membership
Gary has a card for Richard Schmidt’s passing. Gary Agrimson also noted that Gilbert’s museum will be opening next month…if you want to go along please contact him.

New business

Website review
April Grams showed us the new website layout. It looks great. This will go live in 2 months or so.

Bylaws update and review for membership approval
The bylaws have been rewritten and are ready to be voted on by membership. Arlen Lepper gave a brief overview of the by-laws and then stated he fully wants to see membership approve them. Bob makes a motion to approve them. Brad G seconded. Motion passed.

Club address
Established club address is now 820 Century Ave Hutchinson, Mn 55350 (McLeod County Fairgrounds). Members should use existing addresses for current activities not the one at the fairgrounds.

Scholarship 2018
Darrell noted (3) people have applied for scholarship for this year.

Newsletter update
We need more newsletter stories. Allis Chalmers specific or about the club.

2018 Toy/Show flyer
Rich Martin reports there are less than 10 baler units left. We are trying to get the baler used to make the toy at the show.

Targeting to get (10) quilts for the show or this may be canceled.

Field demos
Joe G ands Craig B reported wheat field looks good. The Demo feature this year is two 220 A-C tractors plowing with an HD 6 Ag crawler
Camping; Lynn reported everything is fine

Bob Paulson reported all is good

Raffle tractor
D15 series II, ticket sales are going very well

Golf Cart Rental
Terry Was absent to report

616 Silent Auction
current bid is at $1,500. Matt Wosmek and Lon Sager asked why 616 was up for Auction, Matt reported that is was originally purchased to use as help at Show. Lynn B looked up minutes from Board meeting when 616 was purchased and the inital vote was to purchase 616 for use at show or to use as a future raffle tractor. Lynn also looked at minutes for Sept. 2017 meeting where the Board decided to use the 616 as a 2018 show item for silent Auction to recoupe costs.

Garden tractor area
none present to report

Tom F reported we are planning on the seminars as last year

Toy display
none present to display

Tractor pull
Bob P reported nothing new for 2018

Tractor registration
Darrell and Lori M reported the club would like all tractors registered to get the best representation for show attendance and insurance liability.

No dogs, except service or riders on equipment; Craig B reported that the club was contacted last year of complaints about dogs in eating areas and dog messes were not cleaned up properly. No riders policy has been a policy since day one of show. Safety is number 1.

Board of Directors election
(Craig B., Terry N.-not running Randy L.-not running)
Lon Saeger nominated Matt Wosmek for office, Matt gave a brief bio for himself.
Charlie Strom nominated himself for election


Summary of Elections

  • Craig Buss 47 votes
  • Lori Miller 47 votes
  • Cody Hager 41 votes
  • Matt Wosmek 10 votes
  • Chad Stradtman 15 votes
  • Charlie Strom 5 votes

Craig B thanked everyone for coming, and Praised Randy Larson and Terry Nowak for their years on the Board and many positive impacts they had on thew club.

Board will vote for chairs at post board meeting

Adjourn meeting