Stock & Modified Tractor Pull

Allis-Chalmers Upper Midwest A-C Club Stock and Modified Tractor Pull Rules

Rookie Classes       4500, 5,000
Stock Classes         3500, 4500, 5000, 6500, 7500, 9000, 10,500, 12,500, 16,000 lbs.
Modified Stock       3500, 4000, 4500, 5500, 6500 lbs. and 7500 Super Turbos
Trophies                 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
Entry Fee               $20.00 per class; May pull 3 classes


General Rules

1. Tractor may be 100 lbs. over with driver of age 16 or over. Scale on site.
2. Drivers shall furnish hitch hole or clevis. Drawbar must be stationary in all directions. Pulling point not more than 20
inches in height and at least 18 inches behind center of axle.
3. Tractors must be operated in safe manner at all times.
4. No crawlers or duals allowed.
5. All added weight must be fastened securely. No weight or bracket more than 24 inches in front of tractor and rear
weight may not interfere with hooking of sled.
6. Tractor and sled must remain in track boundary.
7. Loss of object while hooked is grounds for disqualification.
8. Tractors must be in neutral when hooked and unhooked.
9. Drivers will obey flagman at all times.
10. Driver will remain seated at all times.
11. Hood, grill, and fan shroud must be in place.
12. All tractors must have stock block and crankcase casting. Carb or fuel pump must be stock appearing. No homemade
13. Must be naturally aspirated.
14. No gas or nitrous oxide injection.
15. No dual fuel systems allowed, unless OEM.
16. Intake must be of original draft design.
17. No alcohol in pit or track area.
18. Drivers must be present at drivers meeting. No exceptions.
19. Rookie Class – new to pulling or 1 year of pulling. May hook in other classes.

Stock Class Rules

1. Stock RPM rigidly enforced.
2. Low gear only.
3. Tire size not more than one size wider than stock. No radial or cut tires.
4. Stock rim size. No pressed or stamped wheels unless originally offered as factory options cutoffs or aftermarket
wheels allowed.
5. Regular gas, diesel fuel, or factory LP gas only. No racing fuel.
6. Intake system must be original. Carb and manifold.
7. Tractor should be as stock appearing and complete as possible.
8. Stock entries will be reviewed by Pull Committee. Ineligible entries will be notified before pull.
All decisions final. No protest considered.
9. No stock tractors may enter modified stock class.

Modified Stock Class Rules

1. No RPM limit, any gear fuel.
2. Any tire or rim size, radial cut tires allowed.
3. No tractor entered in modified stock may pull in stock class.
4. All rules listed in General Rules apply to all tractors.


Download tractor pull rules here.