Board Meeting Minutes March 29, 2020

Upper Midwest A-C Club™

Board Meeting Minutes

Via Conference Call

March 29, 2020 – 7:00pm


Call to Order:  Darrell called the meeting to order at 7:04pm


Roll call:  Darrell Grams, Todd Grams, Lori Miller, Scott Overgaard, Joan Paulson, Tom Foss, Lynn Bushard & Cody Hager – Absent Joe Graunke


Others Present:  Arlene Bushard, Bob Paulson & April Grams


Treasurer’s Report:

Checking = $164,578.20
              Money Market = $101,090.55
              Scholarship = $10,042.44
SUB TOTAL = $275,711.19
             Mortgage = ($98,048.11)
TOTAL = $177,663.08

Bills still outstanding – $100,000 to SpecCast for 2020 Toy.


Lynn recommended that we record in the agenda that the bank balances have been balanced and reconciled to the financial reports that are being sent out.  Great idea!

Tax Return:  2019 is done and has been e-filed.  State of Minnesota Annual Report has been filed and we received confirmation yesterday that it was received and filed.


Our City of Hutchinson and State Gambling Permits have both been received.  Notification was made by State of Minnesota that if there is any change in Raffle or drawings or dates of the event that we notify the state in writing. 


Joan and Bob have a donation from City of Hutch for the use of our people mover – Joan will mail to Todd for deposit.


Lynn makes motion to approve treasurer’s report.  Scott seconds.   All in favor – Motion carries.


President’s Report:


Spring Meeting:  Darrell will get ahold of the director of the museum and ask for June 6th or May 30th for a reschedule of the Spring Meeting.  Lynn & Arlene can’t make the May 30th date so June 6th would be preferred.  Cody & everyone else think they can make both of those dates.   Lori asked if anyone had a problem with sending an email to those that do have email addresses to notify of the reschedule of the meeting.  Everyone else we could mail letters.   The majority seem to think that just posting the update on the website should be sufficient citing members can call if they have any questions. 


Postpone the show?  Darrell will check with Randy Starke on what dates would be available later in the year, in the event we would need to reschedule the show. 


Building/Land:  The application for the Conditional Use Permit has been submitted.  They wanted topography elevations, which have been done and submitted to the planning commission.  Meeting is set with planning commission for April 21st at 5:30 and April 28th with the city council of Hutchinson.  Dan at the city said he thought they had everything they needed.  Now we just wait for a determination.


Building – Darrell thinks in spite of everything going on, the building project needs to be put on hold.  Even if the show goes on, revenue will more than likely be substantially down.  We will also have the 2021 toy to pay for and, worst case scenario – no show, we would have no income to pay for that.   The benefactor agrees and said he understands the situation. 

The $50,000 deposit on 12/6/2019 from the Benefactor has been transferred to a separate line item on the Balance Sheet called “Building Fund”.  There has also been an entry to move $50,000 of the Club’s commitment to that fund – That is recorded with today’s date. 


Sales Tax Exemption Application/Status:  Federally filed – Darrell said this could take 90 days.  Lori confirmed that that was mailed out on January 16, 2020


Raffle Tickets: Discuss requirements of keeping track.  Darrell looked into raffle ticket information.  Stubs need to be kept for 7 years from the day of the drawing.  Also, we need to be able to account for every ticket because they are numbered.  What happens if people sell them and keep the money and throw the ticket stubs?  We need to come up with a plan going forward.  Lori will find out what the Cologne Lions have been doing to keep track, but she knows they have not been mailing tickets out for years, for this very reason.  Same with the Victoria Fire Department; they stopped mailing books of tickets in the late 90s.


2020 & 2021 Raffle Tractors: The raffle tractors.  Gary and Lon Saeger went to put the new generator on the D-14.  The D-10 was in the trailer, so they took that one instead.  They determined that the reason it hadn’t been running right was that the distributor was put in backwards and it kept shorting out.  So, they fixed it and said it runs great now.  Then they returned the D10 and put the generator in the D-14.  Both are running very well now.

Secretary’s Report:


Website/Social Media:  Lori still needs to work on a tab on the website for prior show toys.  Lori, April & Scott are still working on other updates to the website.  April joined us on the call to see if there were any questions for her and to get up to speed on the status of the Spring Meeting.   Once we get a determination of a new date, April will update the website.  In the meantime she has posted that it has been POSTPONED and to stay tuned for updates.


Review & Approve Prior Meeting Minutes (and Agenda): 

March 29, 2020 Conference Call Agenda – Scott makes motion to approve agenda as written – Lynn seconds – all in favor – motion carries.

January 25, 2020 Minutes – Lynn makes motion to approve.  Todd seconds – motion carries.


Update to the Bylaws:   Bylaws have been updated effective 11/9/2019 – Scott is putting the final polish on the formatting, then it will be signed and recorded.  Lori created a book back to original establishment, inclusive of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  The book is in hard copy and a hard copy is in the Archives, but the documents are also stored digitally.


Darrell mentioned we will need another amendment to update the bylaws to allow President to sign loan/land documents.  That line item was inadvertently missed in the previous amendment.   Lori has created a “Pending Amendments” document and we will add to this list as necessary for the next membership meeting.


Everyone was in agreement that the newly updated Bylaws took effect on the date the membership met and voted on that issue.  That date was November 19, 2019. 


Archives: Status Update.   ALL newsletters are now scanned and stored in hard copy AND digitally.  Now Lori is working on missing show guides.  Still need show guides for anything prior to 1994, (we have 1994), 1995, 1996, 1999, 2002 thru 2010 & 2015.  Scott is checking to see what he can find.


Show Volunteers:   Lori started a list of show volunteers with their contact information and dates & times they are available.   Let’s continue to add to this list.  Just email Lori the information.  Darrell said he is still looking for someone to coordinate the people mover operation.  Lori suggests Cody & Cassidy Wangen head that up.  Lori will talk to them.   Darrell said we also need set up help. 


Important upcoming dates: 
March 1, 2020 – City of Hutchinson Advertising Grant  – Scott sent and submitted 2/26/2020 after Darrell signed.  Now we wait for approval.  Once approved, then copies of advertising receipts will need to be submitted as proof of advertising.  This needs to be done within 30 days after the show.

March 19 – 21, 2020 – Owatonna Farm Show  (CANCELLED)

April 24 – 26, 2020 – LeSueur Swap Meet  (DECISION COMING 4/4/2020)

May 1, 2020 – Summer Newsletter Dadline

June 12 – 14, 2020 – GOTO – New York – – Darrell talked to Old Allis News and they feel it is very possible New York will be cancelled but as of yet it is still on.


Membership Report:  

Arlene reports 403 members. 12 of these are on expiration list.  3 new memberships were added so far this year.   Arlene even received one 5 year renewal from Alaska. 

Lori makes motion to approve membership report – Todd seconds.  All in favor.  Motion carries.



Audit Committee:   Michael Crowe commented that everything balanced perfectly when preparing the tax return.  He said it is very seldom that happens.  Jerry Hagg said it’s fine if Michael says it’s fine.


Nomination Committee:  Arlene has 2 committed individuals to run for Board of Director seats; Steve Eggert from Hutchinson and Norman Grams from Winthrop.   Scott is in possession of the bios for both of these individuals.  The plan was to get them out on the website once we know when the membership meeting date is set.


Scholarship Committee:  Cody is frustrated dealing with Dale & Ken and the lack of communication that is going on.  When trying to get the scholarship application updated for 2020, Ken sent Cody the changes but said he didn’t have time to work on it.  Darrell said his time on the committee was scattered as well with lack of communication and follow through.  Darrell thinks we need someone to be in charge of this.  Todd feels that we need someone in charge that will work on this all year long, specifically planning the scholarship auction and work on other fundraisers to build the scholarship account.    

Cody would prefer that Lori call Ken and Dale to find out where they are at, who is going to take charge and keep this program moving forward. 

Darrell suggests that we invite them to come to the June board meeting.


On 3/31/2020 Lori mailed the donation letter to Bonnie Mohr for the print she donated to the scholarship fund valued at $35.


Toy Vendor Committee:   Lori still needs to get ahold of John Klettke of Watertown, Wisconsin to get him to bring his mini farm display to the show.


Other Committee Reports:  NONE


Newsletter:  Deadline for Summer Issue is MAY 1st.   We need to discuss content.  Following is our list from Spring Issue.  Let’s put our heads together and update this list.

President’s Letter                                                  Article regarding upgrade at the museum
Road Construction                                                Golf Cart Reservation & Registration Forms
Toy Flyer                                                                  Joan’s Family Activities
Wheels & Cogs                                                       Spring Meeting Information
Drive a tractor                                                        Request form for more raffle tickets
New Advertising Rates                                         Recipes (if there is room)
Down Memory Lane   


Newsletter Printing – Lori got a quote for set up and printing of the newsletter from Mike Jennie of Southdale Mini Print.  This business is in the same office building as Lori’s employer.  A copy of the quote was emailed to the board.  Mike said the layout of the newsletter would run $75/hour.  He doesn’t know exactly how many hours the set up would take but estimates between 1 and 5 hours.  He estimates mailing service (peel labels and mail) to be $150.  He said postage would be the same as we are currently paying.  His quote for printing would be for 32 pages of 60# white paper with black printing.  He would also include 4 FULL COLOR pages.  His estimate for printing 500 copies would be $1,344.06 per issue.  Lori calculated that for 2017 thru current time we have paid $2,275.46 per issue on average. 

Darrell pointed out the history of Sky Printing and the connection to Nancy & Gayle but said that since they are no longer involved with Sky Printing, that our connection there is broken.  Arlene pointed out her frustration of Sky Printing’s lack of responsiveness to her to get mailing lists too.  Lori will see if Mike can mock up something for us to see, and feel and hold and present at our next meeting. If we decide on a change we would not do it for the upcoming issue of May but for the Fall issue, which has deadline of September.


Club Equipment donation from Northern Minnesota & Donation of Tractor from Indiana:
No more information at this point from Northern Minnesota.  We can move some of our stuff out to get that equipment in.  Darrell talked to the guy from Indiana and explained that Joe Graunke, who was going to come and pick it up, can’t come and get it now due to the COVID-19 lockdown.   He assured him we would come and get it as soon as we can.

** Lori still needs to do a 501©3 donation letter to guy from Indiana with tractor donation.


Reels of film:  2/16/2020 Scott picked up 11 more movies.  Now everything is shut down so we can’t proceed with those.  We are on hold at this point.


Trademarks:  Lori hasn’t started the application for trademark of Upper Midwest A-C Club yet, but has it on the radar and will hopefully get at it soon.


2020 Show

Updates from Coordinators:


Advertising/Banners/Signs:  Scott said he is working on the Ad for the Old Allis News.  Scott has it done – with usual show date and just thinks he should add “See our website for updates”.

Buttons and Plaques are ready to go to printer.  Scott said he is going to hold off a little bit before ordering.


Show Guide – Discuss proposal from Connie at Beyond Broken.  Scott talked to Connie just recently.  Connie has submitted a proposal for our show guide.  Connie from Beyond Broken solicits ads for our show guide.  Then she gives the ad list to Sky Printing and they collect ad money to offset printing.  She would take that over and use her printer in Madelia, MN.   She gave options of glossy paper inside and outside with an additional 2 pages.   Next option is same size full color front and back but newsprint paper in the inside and more pages.  Next was 8 ½ x 11 – Glossy cover and newspaper print inside with 8 more pages.   She would charge us the same rate – $950 to print the show guide.  All advertising she receives she would keep.  In the past Connie has done all of the layout work except for the map.  Connie said she would now do the map as well.  Darrell pointed out that the money that we get charged are the 4 pages of ads the Club puts in the show guide.  Printing of additional show guides would be additional cost, as it’s been in the past.

Darrell suggests Connie do 5 ½ x 8 ½ glossy as she has done in the past and simply handle it.  Lori makes motion to have Connie proceed – Scott seconds – all in favor – motion carries.


Show Flyer 2020: – These are done.


Family Activities (fka Ladies’ Activities) – Joan reports that everything is going good.  Everything is ready.


Children’s Activities:  – Everything is going good.  Everything is ready.

Swap Meet Coordinator:  Norm has agreed to take this over from Doug Stade.   Darrell will call Doug and Norm and try to coordinate.


Garden Tractor Coordinator:   Bobbie has this all under control.  Separate spot for garden tractors in the demo area and Bob would like an article about that in the newsletter.   He will make flyers for next year’s garden tractor feature.


Field Demo Coordinator:  Business as usual.  Garden Tractor area will be in small area in corner. 


Volunteers:  Lori has a list and will share.  Cody hasn’t heard from anyone about help in the demo area.  


Show Toy Committee:

Darrell talked to Rich Martin this week and toy sales have really slowed down.  We currently have 700 accounted for.  Gary Agrimson still has his order and Joe’s order to get in yet soon.   Factory supposedly downsized dramatically due to Corona Virus.  No one has heard anything more on whether everything is still on track and whether or not shipment is scheduled to be on time.


2021 looks like D15 or Corn Picker.  Darrell is looking to get a quote.  D15 would most likely be most cost effective.  B1 garden tractor will be 60 years old in 2021.


2021 Show


Merchandise for 2021 Show GOTO & 30th Anniversary:


              Belt Buckles

              Key Chains

              Tote Bags



Show Flyer 2021: – These were done and sent on 3/23 to Sky Printing.  They were set to be delivered to us at the membership meeting.  We assume they will be printed and shipped to Darrell.


Banquet 2021:  – Booked for the Event Center.


DVDs:  Will we hire RFD to do DVD for 30th Anniversary again?  Scott said it’s good advertising – Lori agrees.  Darrell will get more information.





Upcoming Board/Membership Meetings:

April 18, 2020 – Saturday @ 9am – Board Meeting – Squeaky’s  (POSTPONED)

April 18, 2020 – Membership Meeting – McLeod County Museum   (POSTPONED)

June 6, 2020 @ 9am  – Saturday – Board Meeting – Squeaky’s (Need to confirm with Gayle)
July 13, 2020 – Monday @ 7pm – Conference Call             
July 23, 2020 @ 10am – at the show.**
August 4, 2020 @ 7pm – Conference Call

September 12, 2020 @ 10am  – Saturday – Board Meeting – Squeaky’s (Need to confirm with Gayle)
November 14, 2020 –  Board Meeting – Hutchinson Event Center – Bob and Joan will book.

November 14, 2020 – Membership Meeting – Hutchinson Event Center – Bob and Joan will book.

January 16, 2021 @ 10am – Board Meeting – Lori’s Office in Edina.

** July meeting will be strictly SHOW RELATED.  Daily early morning briefing meetings will be held during the show. 


Todd makes motion to adjourn – Scott seconds.  All in favor – Motion carries

Meeting Adjourned – 9:13pm